Holiday Photobooth Props (Printable Patterns)

Remember when the photo booth prop rage was going on?  And everyone was putting mustache’s and funny glasses on sticks?  Well, in the middle of all that I kept thinking it would be cute to do some seasonal photo props on a stick to play with at family gatherings.
When Halloween came around I started some really fun ones but then I never finished them…or photographed them…BUT the other day I had all the kids home with the flu and for fun (and to break up the boredom) we made some Thanksgiving and Christmas photo props.
It was simple.  I just drew some pictures, copied them onto card stock, and we spent the afternoon coloring and taking pictures.  Later Elizabeth was nice enough to scan them into a document for me so I could share all of the patterns we made with all of you.
So, enough with the talking and onto the pictures.  (Just remember my kids had the flu…so these pictures are them having as much fun as they could have under the circumstances…)
 Here’s my favorite one for Thanksgiving…
I know, it’s random.  But, it’s the kids favorite as well.
And if you want to print one out for your little turkey just click HERE.
(All the patterns are in black and white so they don’t gobble up all your printer ink.  So all you’ll need to do is print, color, cut, tape, and start photographing.)
For some reason these two were convinced that these props were gender specific…I think it was the feathers…Anyways to print out this set just click over HERE.
And now onto Christmas…
This one takes the least amount of effort to color…just add some red to the bottom lip and you are finished.  To print out a Santa Beard just click HERE.
Or you can go with the hats…
With these I’d like to point out that I ran out of card stock and so Santa’s hat is just printed on regular copy paper.  You can see in the photo that it is waaay more flimsy (in fact you can even see right through it)!  So if you want to print these out I’d suggest using card stock instead of regular copy paper.
Oh, and about their faces…they are showing you how mad they are with the kids on the naughty list…although Grace looks more worried than mad…anyways, remember they had the flu and it took us all afternoon just to take these pictures so I didn’t much care how they wanted to pose in them.
And then last but not least we have Rudolph:
(Apparently he’s not as concerned with the naughty list as Santa and his elves are.)
And if you’d like a copy of his pieces you can find them HERE.
I should mention that each prop is just taped onto a wooden skewer.  These skewers come in packs that are super cheap.  I bought a package of 50 at the dollar store but they can also be found at almost any grocery store.
Ok…Let’s See…I told you print these out on card stock, color them in, and tape them to a wooden skewer…and I gave you the links where to go to print these guys out…so I think that is everything!
Today we’ll be signing off until Monday.
We are eager to start the Thanksgiving holiday with our families (as I’m sure you are as well).
Have a happy and safe holiday and we’ll see you back here on Monday when we will begin packing the remaining weeks until Christmas with new projects, gift ideas, and tutorials!
Take Care.
PS—I know there isn’t a link to the hats.  I think I forgot to take them over to Elizabeth’s…I’ll see if I can find them and get them linked up as well.
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    They had the flu-they are troopers–no excuses needed for their photo work!! How easy are these just to whip up on our own with some cardstock?! Great ideas to pave the way for fun–love your props. Now you all go get better and have yourselves a great Thanksgiving! Thanks for all the great tutorials, posts, and humor (my favorite part!)

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