Holiday Ruffled Collar Necklaces

 I’ve had these necklaces on my mind for quite awhile now and yesterday I finally sat down for a few minutes and made Grace two of them.
I liked the idea of adding something a little fancy and a little ruffly to Gracie’s outfits this holiday season but I wanted something that could be removed and worn with different items.  So a ruffled necklace seemed like a perfect solution.
 And I like the back of these necklaces as much as I like them from the front.
These necklaces are inexpensive and easy to make.
All you need is a ruffle trim and a ribbon of your choice.
 For Gracie’s first necklace I used a sheer and satin ruffled trim with a pink velvet ribbon.
And I didn’t need much.  I had cut a fourth yard piece of this trim and only used about half of it.  And as for the ribbon I used about 20 inches (10 inches) on each side.
Here’s how I put it together:
#1.  I measured a piece of trim that was long enough so that when placed around Gracie’s neck the ends would just barely touch each other in the back.  Once I measured that I cut it to be that length.
#2.  Next I cut 2, 10 inch pieces of ribbon.  (One to be placed at each end of the trim.)
#3.  Then I folded each end of the trim back about 1/4 inch and placed the ribbon on top of that.  Next I sewed it all down together (like in the photo below).
 And that is that.
A piece of trim that fits around the neck, with sides folded back and ribbons attached.
So easy that I made two.
 Grace picked this pink ruffled trim out of the basket.  It is a little wider than I would have liked and doesn’t lay as nicely but she likes it better.  I have a feeling that it will be the one that gets the most wear….
Happy Monday Everyone!
PS—Here comes the crazy paranoid mom in me speaking:  As you can see these necklaces are fastened by tying them.  Grace will only be wearing hers while she is with me…not to friends houses, etc…and Ruth will not be getting one.  She is waaaaaaay to young for me to be comfortable allowing her to wear a necklace of any kind let alone one that ties closed.  Please, if you make one of these, use your common sense about the age and abilities of those who will be wearing them.
One more thing.
Today we are also over here
Elegance & Elephantswhere Elizabeth is sharing another fun necklace to wear during the holidays.
So hop on over and check it out.  It’s darling!

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    Day late but…you are not a crazy paranoid mom. If so, I am too, and I like it that way!!! I had second story window gates when my girls were young–Guardian Angel Window Guards(knew a boy when young who fell from a window and died), always want to tell the moms who have the car seat buckle at their childs belly it is NOT safe (up near the chest/nipple area please!), etc, etc, etc. I sell bunting/fabric flag banners and in my despription state not safe within a young child’s reach. I was lucky enough to have one featured in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine–what did they do? Draped the bunting on the front of the crib…..You are not crazy and it is good you said what you said. People may think I am over the top at times but I don’t want to be questioning myself later! And another beautiful picture and idea–love the white one!

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