It was the best of hems….

It was the best of hems….it was the easiest of hems.  (Reallly it is…..)
I have one little skirt tutorial leftover when when I did my lookbook that I forgot to show you all.  The skirt is made from sheer polka-dot fabric and need to be lined, so I decided to line it and hem it all at the same time, much like a bubble skirt.
If you need a sheer skirt lined and hemmed too, here’s what I did…
That’s it….
Happy Monday everyone!!!
PS–The Riley Blake Fat Quarter winner is……Mindelicious who said, “I’m going to try a pouch for my sister, something to put a gift card(to buy fabric!) in. I’ve never done a zipper before. YIKES! Wish me luck.”
(Good luck Mind!  You can do the zipper!)

6 thoughts on “It was the best of hems….

  1. What a clever hem! (And so quick too!) I have a sheer fabric I’ve been ignoring in my sewing basket that would be perfect for a skirt like this!

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