The Art of Homemaking: You’ll Never Believe Who We Met This Week

We can’t believe it ourselves.
We met the one and only Daryl Hoole!
(And she even signed our “Art of Homemaking ” books.)


Elizabeth and I went to hear her speak Wednesday night at a nearby University and she was everything we imagined she would be.  She was dressed in an amazing red suit, pearl necklace and dangly earrings. 
She is a lady.  I enjoyed watching how she carried herself almost as much as listening (and taking 5 pages of notes) to what she had to say.  She had poise and self-confidence without being arrogant or condescending.  I loved how she stood at the podium and calmly surveyed the audience before speaking.  And as I hoped she spoke of motherhood and homemaking with pride and power and I am sure that she has never excused herself as being “just a stay at home mom”.
And after she finished speaking Elizabeth and I had our crazy celebrity fan moment.  Sure some people would be all excited about meeting Channing Tatum or someone like that but not me and Elizabeth…we were all giddy about meeting Daryl Hoole…a little lady who wrote a book about homemaking back in the 60’s. (I was kind of freaking out.)

We waited in line and were able to chat with her for just a minute…long enough to tell her we were fans and for her to say that she like to see her books “well-used” as she signed my beat up copy with baby food dried on the cover.  Again, she was everything I hoped she would be—kind, gracious, and wonderful.

Elizabeth and I took so many notes that we have things to share for our Saturday Art of Homemaking posts for quite awhile.  So stay tuned—she had some real gems that I am dying to share.
Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S.  Also, this week we got an email from Joann Fabrics wondering if we would like a sneak peek of their Black Friday ad…..would we?  YES, YES and YES!  And they said we could share it with you all……even bigger YES!

(Flannel solids for 75% off….wow.)
If you want to see the Jo-Ann Black Friday ad bigger for yourself, go HERE!  (And there are some extra coupons HERE…..)


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