A Handmade Christmas: An Embroidery Sampler

This last weekend we had such a low-key Saturday morning.  We had no place to get to, it had snowed (a lot) over night and it just seemed so peaceful.  We all stayed in our jammies until well after noon, and I got some good sewing time in (which is unusual for the mornings—I usually wait until nap time).

And after Friday’s events I just felt like we all needed to be home.  And together.  I am a homebody normally, but this tragedy has thrown me for a loop.  As soon as I heard the news on Friday it was all I could do to not drive straight to school and get the kids.  I just wanted everyone home and safe.

My heart is still literally aching for all those mothers…..(and probably will be for a long time.)  I cried a lot this weekend as I am sure most of you did.

And in all honesty I don’t know how I am going to drop my kids off at school today.


Half-way into the morning, and before deciding to go out in the snow, Hannah decided she needed a project too.  So I went down to the computer to make her a little Christmas embroidery “Sampler” to work on this weekend and throughout Christmas break.

(I kind of love her “e”…..”I want it more rounded,” she said.  I love that little craftista.)

Please feel free to use it.  It’s kind of subway art meets embroidery-stitching sampler.  I want to teach her the satin stitch next, so I included the holly leaves so she could practice.  HERE is a satin stitch video tutorial if you need one.

The image is below if you are in need of a little embroidery project for Christmas break too.

(right click the image, save, then print)
or I saved it HERE as a full-size document.

3 thoughts on “A Handmade Christmas: An Embroidery Sampler

  1. Thank you Elizabeth, such a nice gesture at this time. This post is beautifully written and captures exactly how we were feeling this weekend too. And my oldest is just like yours – wants so badly to do projects like Mom – your sampler is a wonderful idea and I will definitely make use of it.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful sampler!! I do not need another project but I have to do this one….it’s too good not to!! Merry Christmas!

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