A Handmade Christmas: Isaac’s Christmas Outfit

I am busy getting some Christmas outfits made for the kids.  First up is Isaac’s.  Well, I still have his button-front shirt to make….but I am considering it almost done.

The cardigan is the Greenpoint Cardigan pattern from Hey June, which I am in love with on him.  I think this is my third or fourth Greenpoint Cardi and I am not stopping anytime soon.  I have now made them for all the kids (I will show you a chevron one soon).

And Isaac’s pants are part of Andrea‘s A Go To Christmas and were made using Melly Sews Blank Slate boys pants.  They have a working fly, which she gives GREAT directions for, and cute little welt pockets on the back.  I am doing the boys in gray and navy blue and Hannie and  I in lilac and navy blue, which is a bit different for Christmas but I am liking it so far.

Be sure to check out some great deals as part of A Go To Christmas where there are all things patterns.  (And I want all of them….seriously….you will be oohing and ahhing over them.)


Now, it’s on to finishing his button down shirt and then to some sewing for me.  I am making a lilac herringbone wool pencil skirt and a cream blouse to match.  The muslins are made for each….I just need to fit them and then move to real fabrics. 

Hopefully there will be some sewing time this weekend. 

Are you making Christmas outfits?  Are  you going traditional or outside of the box?


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    Very good! And yeah, I am. The dress part is done, but since Grace specifically requested “apron dresses” the pinafore isn’t. I call them the “Psycho Billy Cadillac” Christmas dresses because they’re a frankenpattern. The pinafore is two different patterns, there’s Victorian techniques on the collars and cuffs, and the dresses took two different patterns. So.. they’re Victorian-30s-40s-50s-60s-70s dresses!

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    I love different color combinations for Christmas – I’m still struggling with outfits for my kiddos to take pics of them in. I between purple and teal with pops of red or grey and cream… very different looks, i know ;op

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    I’ve got my done, thanks to PR&P! I too, like to use the non traditional colors for Christmas outfits, so that they can wear them year round. But my house is all red, greens and golds. That’s where I through the traditional in.

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