A Handmade Christmas: The Holly and the Ivy….

I needed a couple of thank-you gifts for some people recently, so I spent one afternoon embellishing some handtowels up for Christmas.   I thought they would be a nice, but practical and usable gift.
I bought the towels at Costco (they have a 12 pack for $16–and they are the thicker, high-quality towels.)  I paired the towels with some of the foaming hand soaps from Bath and Body Works (that were on sale for $2), tied them both up with a ribbon and passed them out.
For the towels, all I did was measure the band at the bottom, ironed under the fabric edges to match, stuck some ric rac in there and sewed around the perimeter.  On some of them I did add some holly leaves and button, but others I just left plain.
The total cost per gift was around $4 dollars and hopefully they will get used often.
P.S.  Do you have any good ideas for neighbor/teacher gifts that are under $5?  Please share….we all need new ideas.  (Especially me!!!)

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  1. Gorgeous.

    I’ve just made a pile of tissue pack covers as a commission for a friend to give to her teacher colleagues, I’m now in the middle of zakka pencil cases for some other teachers…

  2. My favorite teacher giftbid personalized notepads. A good printer can do 50 sheet notepads with names at the top for under five each. I give them to all the teachers on my list.

  3. I love potted amaryllis and paperwhite bulbs for teachers and other thank yous. I can find them for around $7 just before the holidays at Target and Walmart.

  4. Super cute!! This year my two children have a combined total of FIVE classroom teachers (and that doesn’t even count the “specials” classes like music and art). I’m going to make up a big batch of fireside coffee mix for them and put them into individual canisters for each teacher and then give them a handmade (in this case knitted, but sewn would work equally well) coffee mug cozy to go with it. I figure the kids can help me mix up the fireside coffee powder, too, so they can be part of the gift-making. :)

  5. I have tea towels and plastic bag holders on the list of prezzies to make, but I made a reversible tote bag for my daughters teacher, denim on one side with ‘I like big books and I cannot lie’ stamped on and the reverse is Robert kaufmanns seuss titles print! She loved it! :)

  6. I have three that we are using this year!
    Bird Nest Pendants {once you start you won’t want to stop making these!} http://www.falafelandthebee.com/2012/12/06/gift-ideas-bird-nest-pendants/
    Melted Crayon Ornaments {the kids can pick out the colors and drop them in}: http://www.falafelandthebee.com/2012/11/30/making-melted-crayon-glass-ornaments/
    Reusable Produce Bags!

    I hope this helps:)

  7. Pretty fabric and a lovely thank you gift. The blog One Crafty Place” had a DIY for a simple stamped clay ornament that is perfect for teachers, etc on today’s post

  8. Love this idea!! I usually go with food and (typically) think I’m crazy mid project. Last year I made little brownie and ice cream with peppermint chocolate chip trifles. CRAZY. This year I went with ornaments. :)

  9. My 4 year old and I made Christmas decorations using air-drying clay and cookie cutters. A bit of paint, some glitter and ribbon and Bob’s your Uncle.

  10. Love these, and I love it as an idea for a teacher gift! (I can never think of what to give them!)

    Visiting from TT&J… Rhonda @ home.made.

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