A Handmade Christmas: Vintage Santa Napkin Holders

While helping my mom put up her Christmas decorations a month or so ago, I came across these vintage Santa napkin holders that we used to use as kids.  Only two of the many we had survived the years, but I thought that this year it would be fun to re-create them with the kids for our Christmas Eve dinner with my parents.

If you want to make some too, here is what you will need:

*White felt
*Pink or skin-colored felt
*Googly eyes (but I kind of prefer the tiny black poms like on the original vintage one)
*Red poms
*Red napkins

Simply cut out the pattern found HERE and then put a piece of tan felt behind it with the googly eyes and red pom for the nose.

Glue the back like the image above.  We used a low-temp glue gun, but any sort of white craft glue would work well too.

Then slip around a napkin.  This is a canvas red napkin, but the large paper napkins will work well too.  And you are ready for a dinner party!!!!

As I said before liZ and I are taking the next week or so off to give our families “our best” so we will see you back here at the first of the year…..have a wonderful Christmas and the rest of the holiday season!  And a sincere thanks for coming around our little space in blog-land…..we are so thankful for all of you.


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    These are very cute! Thank you! I also have a sewing question for you…when I purchase a pattern for children and want to be able to use all the sizes in the package but am starting out with the smallest, do I need to trace the pattern onto something else? Or should I be taping it back together for larger sizes? What would you do? (I am making little girl’s size 2 pj’s but love the pattern and it goes up to size 8) Thank you, Joanne

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