Flashback: Yukon Cornelius

It’s about this time of year that I am up to my eyeballs in handmade projects…and loving every minute of it.  (Really…I love to have an excuse to “have” to make something.)
This year the majority of my gifts will have, at some point, come in contact with a sewing machine…but it hasn’t always been this way…
Take, for example, Yukon Cornelius:
I painted him up for my husband like…oh…7 years ago. (Before I even owned a sewing machine.)  I think the wooden guy was supposed to be a Santa but when I saw him there all bare wood sitting on the craft store shelf he just seemed more like Yukon to me.  And since he is my husbands all time favorite Christmas character I scooped him, brought him home, and one night while he was away I painted him up.
It was a hit.  Jon used to keep him out all year round but I don’t let him do that anymore.  Yukon is only allowed out during the holidays.
Now I still like painting…and have a some of that on my to do list this year, but as I said earlier, most of my handmade gifts this year involve sewing.  But back when I made Yukon I would have never believed that one day I’d be all about the sewing projects.
In fact, today I’m over here:
sharing my um…sewing conversion story…
and talking about my love for handmade gifts.
(Which I love to give and receive…not only for Christmas but for any occasion.)
But…if you’ve been here before you probably know that…
Below is a little round-up of some fun and easy last minute handmade gift ideas.

I wish I could share some of the gifts for this year…but I can’t…not yet anyways.
But I can tell you I’m happy to be working on them.
I just love this time of year.


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    Love Yukon! He is perfect. Can’t wait to start watching our holiday shows. This weekend we are starting with a movie night and watching Polar Express! I sew more than I craft now also, but our first tree–I sat for 11 hours straight and made Christmas ornaments at a card table! I was enjoying every minute. I don’t use the ornaments anymore but still have them. The tree is now filled with ornaments the girls have made or been given from us on Christmas Eve as a gift to fill their own tree in the future.

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