Gracie’s Scrappy Heart (and other Christmas ideas to make for or with your children)

Last night Grace gave this scrappy handmade heart to her Grandma.  It was her birthday and Grace spent 3 afternoons working on this heart.
Sure it’s a little funky but it was made by a 4 year old.
To make it I just drew a giant heart on a square canvas (purchased at Hobby Lobby) with Elmer’s glue.  Then Grace placed scraps all along that glue trail to make the outline of the heart.  Next I smeared glue in sections inside the heart let Grace fill it up with fabric.  We continued this process until the entire heart was filled in.
The next day we put glue in places where we could still see the canvas and Grace covered those areas with sequence and rick rack scraps.
And finally on the last day Grace added the pom poms by dipping them in glue and placing them where ever she liked.
It was a three afternoon process but that worked out perfectly.  While Ruth napped and I worked on Christmas gifts Grace was able to work right along side me making her own gift.  It was a little slice of heaven.
But if scrappy heart art isn’t your thing here are a few other Christmas ideas and gifts to do with and for your kids that we have done in years past….
…like making your own Craft Stick Puppets which you can find all the information about HERE
…you can Paint Your Own Peg Dolls (instructions for these are HERE and HERE)
make your little artist an apron in less than an hour (tutorial HERE)
If you’d rather find some fun holiday party games to play with kids look HERE for a really fun list.
If you want to make some decorations together these button garlands are another perfect afternoon project.
And if none of these work for you stay tuned…we still have some other ideas coming…we just need a little more time to get them finished.
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