The Art of Homemaking: What Get Measured Gets Done

Several weeks ago when Elizabeth and I got to meet Daryl Hoole we also got to listen to her give an entire lecture on raising children…and I took like a million pages of notes…
One of the things that she said that stuck with me was:
“What gets measured gets done.”
I have always liked to make lists and cross things off of them.
I make a “Things to do today” list every single day.
(It’s just one of those habits…I drop off the car pool, go and get a soda, then make my list…every morning…)
Anyways…for me, if I can see what I have to do and then see the progress I’m making I get more done.  Always.  And at this busy time of year there is no exception…the only difference is I add more on to the to do list…things like wrap this, finish that, mail this, etc. 
But this afternoon I had a thought that won’t go away.
And this coming week I think my lists will be a little bit different.
I don’t want to “waste” all of my time this holiday season finishing up gifts, running to stores, and keeping all the glitter vacuumed off of the floor (even if all of those things need to be done).  I want to make sure that we still read stories, watch Christmas movies, make gingerbread men, glue, paint, eat peppermint ice cream and drink cider (amongst other things).
And if what gets measured gets done then those are the things that I need to be adding to my to do list.  Everyday.  Because those are the things I can’t forget to do.
So tomorrow as I sit down to make my things to do list, the things I want to do with my children will be included.  After all glitter can always be vacuumed but snow angels can’t always be made.
Have a wonderful Sunday.
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    I am doing the same thing this week. I keep a December Daily album every year which chronicles our December activities/traditions. I have seen in blogland a couple of people who have mentioned a December bucket list and it got me to thinking. Instead of journaling our December activities in a random way, this week I want to be intentional, and put those activities on my daily to do list as they are just as important as the laundry,etc.

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    I love this post – to make sure I spend time with my girls this season, we have an activity advent calendar, where we each day do an activity together – making Christmas gifts, writing Christmas cards, baking Christmas cookies. My job really takes everything out of me this year, I have 200 % in my full time job … and very little time for my girls. With the calendar, I make sure we do something every day!

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    Well said, Liz. I’m sure our lists will be vastly different, but our children will be top priority. Not just the necessities but the little things that will make thier childhoods something to remember. Not something for me to regret.


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