$5 Friday: Wierd Wal-Mart Knit—Another Buffalo Gals Look that Didn’t Make the Cut

Back in November when I showed Gracie’s Buffalo Gals Lookbook I didn’t show all the other pieces that I had made that I didn’t feel like “fit” with the collection.  This is one of them.  It wasn’t that I didn’t like the leggings or that I accidentally made them 10 sizes to small.  I just didn’t like how they looked with the other items I had made.  So Grace got to wear them and didn’t even have to get her picture taken in them…until the other day when we were all inside for the afternoon recovering from our illnesses.
It seems like around this time of year every year the Wal-Mart I live near clearances out a whole bunch of super random fabrics.  They fill up the aisle with tables and stick up a sign that says $1 a yard and I always end up buying some.
And these pants and beanie were made out of the world’s weirdest knit that I bought there a year or so ago.  The fabric is really stretchy and silky smooth on one side and puffy, raggedy, and textured on the other.  It’s random but apparently comfortable.  If these pants are clean Grace is wearing them….even is she doesn’t feel well.
We are all finally getting better and starting to feel like we might survive…now I just need to catch back up on the laundry and housework and we’ll be back on track.
(And I hope that happens soon because my list of things I’m wanting to make is 3 pages long!  And I’ve got a pile of that $1 fabric to try out new patterns on.  Now, to just to find some time alone with my sewing machine…)
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    Isn’t it the way, kids have taste, different but taste all the same! They may just be the funkiest ‘get well soon’ type of pants! I have certain clothes I wear when I’m not feeling the best, the type that feel like pyjamas but look bright and cheery and fun, enough to make me smile! 🙂 get well soon all of you!

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    i love that fabric!!so glad to hear you are feeling better:) hope you can get behind that machine soon too. it has been over a month for me and im really hoping next week i will get some projects done. right now i have a huge list that needs to be checked off. yesturday i totally reorganized and purged our entire bedroom. i tried to do one project at a time but i guess i just dont operate that way:) im trying though.

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    Ha! I just bought 10 years of random $1 Walmart fabric yesterday. Including beautiful green taffeta-ish fabric to make Wub’s Christmas dress next year and a weird tan and cream striped knit. Glad to hear you all are feeling better.

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    looks like a Walmart run is in order – easier said than done ;op I think the leggings and beanie are so cute, it is funny how bad looking fabric on the bolt can end up being adorable in the right context.

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    I totally agree with Grace- I’d wear these every chance I could! I love the uniqueness of the fabric in texture and design.

    And I sympathise with a household of sickly people- I’m just starting to get over a two week old flu now (and it’s the middle of an extremely hot Summer down here so there’s no excuse for being locked up and ‘staying warm’). I hope you’re all feeling much better by now.

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