A Jane Austen Quilt

I’m not a quilter.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
 I’m just letting you know that there’s not going to be a tutorial, how-to, or even a look-at-this-real-close item in this post.
I’m also not a Jane Austen fan.
Not that there’s anything wrong with her.
I just don’t enjoy reading her work.  At all. Ever.  Or watching any of the millions of movies made from her books…unless Kenneth Branagh is in them…and then well, it’s Kenneth Branagh who could be in a documentary talking about how to wire an electrical circuit and I would suddenly feel the need to learn all about conduits….
Now what was I talking about again?
Oh, yea this quilt I made.
So, like I was saying I’m not a quilter or a Jane Austen fan BUT my sister in law is a HUGE Jane Austen fan so I thought for Christmas I would make her a little lap quilt to wrap up in while she’s reading all about Mr. Darcy.
 And to make it a little more fun I made it to match the colors in her family room and then I wrote a quote from Jane Austen on one square in every row with a fabric marker.I tied and bound the entire quilt one night while the girls had pneumonia…it gave me something to keep me busy while I was up at night worrying and listening to labored breathing.  And I have to admit…I kind of enjoyed this project…a lot.

Now, I’m not saying I’m going to turn into a quilt making machine or anything like that I’m just saying this was fun and that I wouldn’t mind making another one…and that one is already in the process of being cut.  However, it’s nothing like this one…but it’s a quilt…and I promise you won’t have seen a quilt quite like it ever before.  (Really never.)

And in the meantime I’m thinking about making myself a quoteable quilt…but this one is going to be all movies quotes…to use during our weekly Friday night family movie campouts.  Yea, I totally want one of those—for me and the kids!


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    I wish you lived closer to me, Liz, ’cause while I’m nowhere near an expert, I’d be happy to help! 🙂 I’ve made quite a few quilts, and lots of tied ones if you count the service project my church did when I was a teenager. (The youth got together and made 100 tied quilts for a battered women’s and children’s shelter.) And now that my main sewing machine is going in for servicing and my other has decided that it won’t do buttonholes, I’m going to end up finally getting baby quilts done in the near future!

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    Oh that’s too cute! From an also non quilter or Jane Austin fan. Ha ha. I have just knocked out my 4th quilt, still, not a quilter, I’m not even loving this one I’ve just made but I know my daughter will when she gets it on Friday for her birthday. It turned out pretty but my gosh I don’t like working with so many textures, it killed my machine! I will hopefully be putting it on my newly made blog on Friday if you want to check it out 🙂 http://mummyla-la.blogspot.com.au/?m=1

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    I am also not a quilter (yet) BUT I am a big Jane Austen and all around reading fan. I love the idea of incorporating book quotes into a quilt. I’d be tempted to embroider them, though. I do love embroidering…

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