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Almost MC Hammer Pants…A How To

I made Grace these pants back somewhere around Thanksgiving time…but never posted them.
(Strange as it may seem I don’t always blog about everything that I make…like the kooky shirts I made for the boys in my preschool class or the GALLON of salsa that I made the other night.  Nope, your never going to see any photos of those things, they’re just embarrassing.  But a pair of almost MC Hammer pants…you better believe it.)
 Anyway, I meant to post about these pants because I like them. And so does Grace. But I forgot all about it until we were folding laundry on Monday and listening to MC Hammer.  So we ran into the kitchen and snapped a few photos since she was already wearing them.

No.  Grace does not have her hair brushed and Yes, she does has spaghetti sauce on her face.  (We weren’t planning on taking pictures.)  Oh well,  she’s still too legit…too legit to quit hey hey.  And since it only took us 2 minutes to take the pictures we still got all the laundry folded.

 These pants are a first attempt at MC Hammer pants for Grace.  I took a pair of leggings that she already wears and traced them onto brown paper just like I would if I was to make her a pair of leggings.  (Exactly like I did in this post with the scrunchy legging bottoms.)
The only difference is that from the waist to the knees I added a big happy curve.

So you can see in this photo of the leggings with the pattern laid out underneath the additional length added onto the bottom, the extra at the top to folder over and encase the elastic in, and then the wide, happy curve from her hip to her knee.

(***Note—these rainbow leopard leggings fit Gracie weird…they are a little too short and too wide at the bottom—so where the curve comes back in is where those leggings hit her knee even though in the photo it looks like it would be her calf and I didn’t leave extra seam allowance towards the bottom of my pattern because the leggings fit loosely down there and I wanted them tighter.  You probably didn’t need all that extra info but I’m just telling you in case you were wondering what the heck I was doing.)

It was an easy change to make and I like how her pants turned out…but I just have to try one more pair…more like the original MC Hammer parachute pants…even fuller at the top and with the saggy, low hanging crotch…and with pockets.
I’m not sure if she’ll like them but I have to make her just one pair…..
I already have the fabric set aside for them.  They are going to be AWESOME!!!
PS—When I posted the Love is in the Air Skirt several of you had questions about the felt and how it would hold up.  Well, here is a photo of my experience.
A year ago when I made Grace her All You Need Is Love Skirt I used the same method to attach the felt letters.  Yesterday Grace wore that skirt again for like the 8 millionth time and here is what the letters looked like:
This skirt has literally been washed and worn more times than I can count.  It’s gone out to lunch, on vacation and down slippery slides and it just keeps going.  I don’t know…maybe I’ve been lucky but the felt has worked like a charm for me.  And I like it even better now than when I first attached it.

11 thoughts on “Almost MC Hammer Pants…A How To

  1. haha, at first i thought those were a tan pair of pants and not a template:) oh geez mc hammer. i cant even begin to tell you how many times i performed his songs in the school talent show!! and yes, i can do a mean running man:) as far as the skirt…i totally prefer a worn felt look too!

  2. I love forcing 80s music on kids, but they love it, too…right? Thanks for posting a picture of the washed felt. I will totally try this (I mean “like, totally try this”).

  3. I just love you! I love that you made MC Hammer pants and explained all about the leopard pants. I wouldn’t mind seeing the gallon of salsa either….

  4. I made myself a pair of black “MC Hammer” pants back in early college days. I like to refer to them as “the low crotch pants” (is there really a name for them?)and first saw them in Greece on a trip with my grandma there in the late 80″s. I can’t believe I found a pattern for them! I thought they were prreeetty COOL! And surprisingly I never felt odd wearing them.

  5. Oh I used to have a pair as well, and I loved those pants! I have wanted to make some for my girls (not so sure they would wear them-LOL), but they were so comfy.
    If you do make a pair like the original, can you post a tutorial too??
    Can’t touch this.

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