Boys’ Week: A Shirt and a Lesson Learned.

For Boys’ Week this week I was hoping to finish up the shirt that I was supposed to make Isaac for his Christmas outfit.  The shirt pattern was cut out and ready to go.  So, yesterday afternoon I sewed it up…..well, to this point.  And then I decided to try it on.
Guess what?
It is ginormica.  As in, huge.  As in, it might fit my ten-year old.  Okay the sleeves will probably be a bit short, but other than that it would totally fit him.  And it was cut out in the size 3.
Lesson learned.  Next time measure the kid before you start cutting out the pattern.  
Oh well, I guess I have some time to finish it before he can wear it.   And at least the fabric is pretty classic for when he will fit in it, in oh, about 3 years.

Anything like this happen to you lately?


P.S.  Boys’ Week voting is up…..go over and see all the boy-sewing-genius and then vote for your favorite!

10 thoughts on “Boys’ Week: A Shirt and a Lesson Learned.

  1. im in love with that fabric! when i was sewing for my boys weeks challenge the polyester sweatshirt that i made for my son was two sizes two big. i sewed piping in all the seams so i will wait until it fits him instead of making it smaller. im not a fan of seam ripping at all:)

  2. I have had a ‘dumb brain’ sewing day today cut not one but 2 pants patterns out UPSIDE DOWN! would have been fine except that the pattern on the fabric can’t go upside down-think bears deer foxes etc on their heads! And then I had an issue with sizing also, cut a 18 month size when I couldn’t find my own drafted pattern and turned into shorts the perfect size for my 8 year old instead! Which she will love anyway Ha! Bed time for sure!

  3. Love the shirt. I tried to make my daughter some shorts from a vintage 1970s pattern. Apparently the sizes then were bigger. The pattern was a size 4 but I think I could’ve worn the shorts. They were huge. I don’t know how much fabric I cut off the sides to get them to fit.

  4. I did it the other way ’round. My (then) 8 month old had an overnight growth spurt. I pulled out the pants pattern, used the week prior with near perfect fit I might add, cut out and seamed together the piece. Caught a baby and tried them on him, to check where the hems might need to be. Those wonderfully fat little thighs nearly busted the seams. The entire garment is still unfinished, and will likely remain such until we finish our family. At least the fabric was thrifted, so no monetary loss.

  5. i do this all the time when i make a bodice for a dress for my 4 year old… it’s like i think she’s grown an inch wider every time, so i make it a little bigger and voila! it’s the perfect size for an 8 year old! measure measure measure!

  6. I just sewed using a pattern that I had never used before, for my 7 year old (who is tiny) and realized after it was all cut that it was huge. Luckily, I made several mistakes and kept “trimming” the mistake seams (instead of ripping), and it fits perfectly now! LOL

  7. It’s happened to me on many occasions. Fortunately my girls are spaced out nicely so I can usually just pretend I was making it for the next one up or the next one down :). However I only have one boy so if I mess up something for him I have to find a way to fix it.

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