Gracie’s Must Have WINTER Maxi Dress

 You ever have one of those mornings where everything just goes wrong?
Well, that was my morning yesterday…all the socks were still in the dryer…damp, Simon left his backpack home, Ruth leaked through 2 outfits before 9am, I ripped my pajama pants, Grace spilled a half gallon of milk all over the kitchen floor, and on and on until 10am when we went to take these photos of Grace in her new maxi dress.
That’s when I tipped over in the snow while trying to take her picture and the battery in my camera died.  After that I said forget it, went to the gas station for a giant soda, returned home put everyone back in pajamas and decided that it wasn’t the day for anything ambitious and spent the rest of the day just puttering the house reorganizing closets, going through toys, and not trying to conquer the world—or do anything that would require dry socks.
ANYWAYS…the point is I only got about 5 pictures of Grace (all of them with her laughing at me covered in snow) before my camera died…so this is the best you get today.
 But considering how the morning had gone, it could be a lot worse.
So without any further explanations (or complaining) here’s Grace in her brand new, must have, winter maxi dress!
She liked the one I made her in the summer so much that I wanted to make her one for the winter as well.  That dress wore, washed, and dried like a champ.  She still likes to wear it around the house.  I think it is the combination of the long length and the silky stretchy fabric that she likes.
(Here is what her must have summer maxi dress looked like:)
And like I said, since that one was such a hit with her I made her winter one the exact same way only making it with long sleeves instead of short sleeves.
The fabric on the bottom of her winter maxi is pretty much the coolest fabric ever.  I got it at the Micheal Levine loft and it has nothing written on the selvage so I don’t even know who made it.  But I can tell you it is stretchy and silky and thick all at the same time…and I love it…and I kind of wish I would have saved it for myself…does that make me a bad mom?
(Ok, don’t answer that.)
Like I said these dresses wash and wear great and are the easiest things ever to make.  (I made this last one in it’s entirety during an episode of “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and even finished before the episode ended.)  If you want to make one to you can find the TUTORIAL HERE and really, I do promise that it is quick and easy.
Now I’m off for the day…my socks are dry and Simon has his backpack so I’m already doing better than yesterday!  Let’s hope my luck holds out.
PS—I know that today is supposed to be “Thrifted Thursday” but the summer maxi dress was made from thrifted fabric so it still kind of counts right?  Alright, not really…I’ll post a real “Thrifted Thursday” post next time.
PPS—If you make one of these maxi dresses please note to use a fabric with some sort of stretch on the bottom…if you don’t your poor little girl is going to me walking around like a mummy.
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    those pictures are so precious! when i did the sew a long group for pr&p i had one of those days as well. while i was taking the pics the girls wanted nothing to do with it. i kept promising a chocolate shake from mc donalds and finally got a few cute pics. once we finished we headed to mc donalds only to find out that their machine was broke and so was my car. thankfully we only live about 1 1/2 miles from mc donalds because we had to walk home. i was smart enough to get some food and drinks first though. after walking uphill the whole way while pushing 3 kids in a double stroller in 90 degree weather we made it home. all i could do was laugh and the kids begged to do it again:) apparently it was the funnest thing ever or maybe it was that they were able to eat some mc donalds food:) i bet gracie will remember and cherish that moment forever…i wasnt even there and i know i will:) have a better day today!

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    I have been staring at my maxi dress longingly all fall and into the winter. Thank you for posting this. I have some old long sleeve tees needing a second life and bet I can find the right fabric for the bottom. I’ll let you know how a “mom-version” of the dress turns out when I get around to making it.

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    This dress is beautiful and I like the photos of her laughing. I hope that soda made the world seem a little better. The gas station hot chocolate does it for me!

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    That little girl is so cute! My goodness! And even though she’s giggling, your pics are great, as usual. I love the dress and would also love a close-up of the hair piece. Feathers are such a great idea! Reminds me of your other little hair piece from a while back. Darling!

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    I think the pictures are beautiful and I love your explanations :). They are filtered to humerous by the time you write them here and your attitude is amazing. Also Grace laughing in a dress in the snow, how can you go wrong with that. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

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    Love this! What does your husband say about taking your children out in the snow without a coat on for your blog? 🙂 I only ask, becuase my husband doesn’t necessarily say anything, but it’s the eye rolls andhe looks he gives me that get me when I have the kiddo out modeling for me for the blog in clothing that’s not necessarily for the weather!! 🙂 Love to see I’m not the only one! 🙂 The pictures are fantastic! And glad you ended up having a comfy stay at home day. We love those!

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    Sometimes the best things comes from ‘difficult times’.
    Don’t think this picture could have been any better. It could win an award. 🙂
    The dress, background, pose is just perfect. Well done.

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