Holidays and Chain Reactions

Holiday’s, I love them but they have a tendency to get me all crazy—er, crazier than usual. 
For instance this morning I was thinking it was Monday and clicked into Simple Simon to see what Elizabeth posted today only to realize that it is Tuesday…and my day to post …and I had forgotten to put up my post…which reminded me I hadn’t taken any pictures of my project…that I hadn’t finished because I spent yesterday at the rec center swimming with my kids and the evening watching episodes of MacGyver with my husband while we ate burritos…
Today, after I remembered that it was also my day to drive the carpool, and just before preschool I took a few quick pictures of Grace wearing one of her (not my) favorite shirts.  This is one I made for her Buffalo Gals Fall Look Book but didn’t include. 
It is a refashion of an orange men’s thermal shirt that I got at a thrift store because I liked the color.  But when I put it with the other items in the look book I didn’t love it….however Grace did (and does) and so she wears it all the time. 

Originally I had taken photos and planned to do a step by step tutorial on how to re size a men’s shirt…but then…again there were some holidays…and then I forgot…and then there was this morning…
But that is ok—there are a million tutorials out there on how to refashion shirts and the blogosphere will live with out mine. 
Now before I go and save Ruth (who has lodged herself in between the side table and the wall) I just wanted to share one other picture from this morning:
When Ruth decided that the pictures today were going to be all about her and not Grace.
Look at the face on that baby!
And if only you could see the look on her face now—besides being trapped she has also covered herself in blue marker that Simon left out this morning when he was finishing the homework that we also forgot to complete over the long weekend.
Thank goodness there aren’t anymore holidays for awhile!
Now I’m off to the grocery store.  Please let the rest of the day go smoother than this morning has gone!
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    Cute, cute pictures. And I think spending time with your family is much more important than a blog post. I’m sure your family is grateful you forgot!

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    I can’t believe how big Ruth is getting! I totally agree with Dianna, but lots of days I wish the cooking and cleaning would just take care of itself so I can hang out with my family and sew. 🙂

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    Lately I have had a really hard time keeping blig time and real time straight (example I need to have a post up on Tuesday that means I need the pictures taken, edited and written about on Monday). So my huasband then tells me he closes Wednesday and I think it already is. So glad to know that I am not the only one having a hard tim juggling. Hopefully we will both recover soon.

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    I can totally relate! My girls are much older but the stay-at-home mom thing is anything but slow and boring. When we get those days it is such a treat! I could rehearse a long list, like I do at times, about all the duties I had to accomplish in one day (and no time left for my Etsy sewing-argh!)but you know how that goes. When they are in school it really doesn’t get any simpler! You still posted and that picture is too cute!

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