Sewing Tip: Pin the Button Hole

So the other day I was cleaning off my sewing table and ran across the instruction book that came with my sewing machine…and since I was tired…and not really into my work…I started thumbing through it and I ran across this little beauty of an idea that has changed my entire life.
Ok…so it hasn’t changed my entire life but it’s a really terrific (yes terrific) idea and I’ve already used it like a million times.  It’s simple, easy, and genius—here’s what it is:  Pin the button hole.
Yep, that’s it.  Pin the button hole.
How many times have I been ripping open the button hole and have zipped right through the end and had to go back and stitch up that dang button hole?  Too many times!!!!
But not now.  Now I just slide a pin across the end of the button hole and rip away and the pin stops me from going too far.  Like I said:  simple, easy, genius.  I wish I had thought of it…
I actually wish I would have thought of a lot of things…the microwave, refrigeration, triple bypass heart surgery, nachos…but no, I didn’t.  Not me.    Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to bask in the genius of others.  So until I think of something terrific myself (or Wednesday comes) I’m signing off and heading down to the gas station for a soda—something else I didn’t invent.  Talk to you then.

11 thoughts on “Sewing Tip: Pin the Button Hole

  1. Great tip! I have one too, I use a chisel to open up my buttonholes. Yep a good old wood chisel. They come in multiple sizes so there is one for almost every buttonhole. Do remember to do this on an appropriate surface however. I keep an old kitchen cutting board in my sewing room along with the chisels and hammer. I’m pretty sure my father actually intended me to carve wood with them and maybe one day I will but for now, buttonholes :)

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