The Party Dress Remix.

One thing that Liz and I were sad about last fall is that we didn’t get the opportunity to sew-along with Project Run and Play.  We were both knee-deep in our Fall Look Books and it just didn’t happen.

But we are going to sew along this season!!!  We have missed the challenge of sewing with a theme.  I am up this week with a simple remix of The Cottage Home’s Party Dress along with everyone else. 

You need to see all the entries both in the sew-along and the 8 designer’s that have been posted today—I have had a sneak peek and they are all so different and so well-done.  You should head over and vote for your favorite designer’s look too—although it might be a harder decision than you think 😉

For my remix, I chose to turn the bodice into a simple vest for a cute school outfit.  I was inspired by the look of the sleeveless bodice and the sash that was so full and darling on the dress.  So, I decided to work with those two elements.

All I did was print out the pattern (a size 5T worked perfectly for me) and reversed the front and back pieces.  So, the back piece was cut on the fold and the front piece was cut all-the-way out so it would tie closed in the front. 

I did lengthen the both the bodice pieces by 2 inches and then I rounded the front bottom edges to give a nice curbed-look to the front of the vest.

I finished it the same way that Lindsay’s dress bodice was finished except for where she added the bias tape for the button closures I put in two long sashes to tie the vest up closed.

And (for once, lately) it got rave review with a “can I wear this to school tomorrow?” which is all I can ask for these days.

Thanks Lindsay for the inspiration!  Now head over to Project Run and Play to see all the designs and vote!  Have a great weekend…..see you back on Monday.


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    oh so cute! im excited to see a new season starting:) maybe i will sew along next season. my girls have so many clothes right now. they just never seem to grow. now that i say that they will grow 10 sizes in 2 days:)

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