This Post Has Been Brought to You by the Letter “O”

Today’s post is about organic fabric, oatmeal, and orange.  (Orange food that is.)
Let’s start with the organic fabric:
Awhile ago we were contacted by Organic Cotton Plus an online fabric company that sells only eco-friendly products who asked if we would like to try a sample of one of their fabrics…and of course I said yes.  Then I was able to peruse their website of wonderful organic and naturally dyed fabrics.  It took me more than a week and far more than one visit to their site before I finally decided on a natural, organic, jersey knit.
When it came I was so excited…I had already planned a winter dress for Grace…but after I opened the box and felt how soft the fabric was I knew I needed to make pajamas out of it.  And then
it happened—pneumonia and influenza in a never ending 9 week cycle of doom!  And the fabric sat on top of my sewing pile until yesterday.
Yesterday I finally got a chance to try out this fabric.  And I let Grace choose the design.  After sorting through my pajama patterns I laid several out on the floor for Grace to choose from…and she chose none of them.  Instead she wanted bottoms like her Tinkerbell jammies and a “top like this” pointing to a pattern that had been put in the wrong pile.  (It was a pillowcase like top that belonged to an 80’s summer outfit.)  But, since they were her jammies and not mine I went with it.
And while Ruth napped and Grace painted some rainbows I put together her sleeveless and footless pajamas which she has been wearing ever since.  It wasn’t the outfit I had planned but Grace knew what she wanted…and I should trust her more often.  The fabric seemed to be made for her pajamas…soft and light and breezy…and comfortable and far more suited to her design than the fussy options that I had chosen for her.
In the end we finished off the pajamas with “a heart right there” that I stitched on with embroidery floss.
And I still have a little piece of this buttery fabric left over…just enough in fact that I think I could make baby Ruth a pair of pajamas to match.
I appreciate Organic Cotton Plus for giving me the opportunity to try out a sample of their fabulous fabrics…in fact, I was over there snooping around today and saw that they sell a natural percale…PERCALE!!!  And now I’m thinking I need to put in an order.  (How did I miss that before?)
Now, as for the oatmeal:
Did you know January is National Oatmeal month?
Well it is.
And I love oatmeal.
Not as much as I love nachos of course, but, there’s still a lot of love there.
So I just wanted to say hooray for oatmeal.
Hooray Oatmeal!!!
And finally—the color orange.
I just realized that EVERYTHING that I ate yesterday was orange…just orange.
Carrots, Yams, “Harvest Orange Tomato Soup”, salmon, and some left over Mexican rice I ate for breakfast that was also…orange.
That’s weird.
(The fact that everything I ate was orange is what’s weird…not that I ate left over Mexican rice for breakfast…compared to the crazy stuff I sometimes eat that one seems pretty normal.)
Hum….ok…after all that how am I supposed to end this post?
I don’t know.
I guess since this post is brought to you by the letter “O”.  I’ll just finish by saying “OH, all right.  I’ll quit telling random stories and end this already.  OK?”
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  1. says

    I wouldn’t mind a pair of jammies like that, myself. You can almost feel the softness of that fabric through the screen! It even looks all buttery soft and oh so comfy!

  2. says

    Cute Jammie’s!! We got home late due to my son’s basketball game so we are going to have oatmeal for dinner ( well, I am ). I love your random posts. Glad your house is over the sickness and hope everyone stays healthy!

  3. says

    What soft little PJ’s, it is funny as adults we have ideas about what is right or fashionable but when we talk to our kids about what they want they usually know best.

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