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I am still trying to work hard on Hannah’s room, well, that and nursing sick kids which is taking a lot of energy at the moment.  The painting is done.  The touch-ups are done.  The fabric came in and I wish I could just get it all done in three days flat, but all my energy is being spent with blankets, drinks, ibuprofen and some cuddle time with each one. 

Which is exactly where it needs to be.  So, the room (that is still sitting in crazy shambles) can wait.

I did get a few blocks done for her quilt in the 5’s or 10’s minute chunks that I have had time to sew……but now the sickies are calling….and we have another doctor visit this morning. 

Has it been a rough sickness winter for your family too?  Just wondering….


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    ugh – us tooooo Elizabeth. The flu has made its way to our house, and it has been awful. Between throwing my back out for Christmas, and then recovering only to have the flu start. Awful. I for one am looking forward to Spring and all of the allergies that come along with it!!! HA!

    But that is going to be one gorgeous quilt!

    I hope you guys feel better soon! It just breaks my heart when the little ones are sick. You wish you could just make them all better :(.

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    I feel your pain on the sick kiddos. It is nice to snuggle up with our little ones and care for them, but it also feels daunting when it is a regular and long occurrence. My son was sick for 3 weeks in December, battling his Kryptonite: Asthma. Yesterday it started to flare up again… I feel like it’s Groundhog’s Day.. each day they are sick. Hang in there!!

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    Yes we had it go through our family of 8 – stomach flu AND cold flu. Took 3 + weeks (including Christmas) and it was a doozy! I do not want to repeat that again!

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    So far no one is majorly sick in my household, but lots of coughs. 🙁 I hope your little ones get better soon. By the way, I love pinwheels, there is something cheerful about the block. 🙂

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