A Valentine Skirt.

Last week I made Hannie a skirt for Valentine’s Day.  I should have been working on a costume for a 5th grade wax museum project, but I just wanted to sew something fun.  I started with The Vintagely Modern Skirt as the base.  The only alteration I made to the original skirt was to make the waistband larger and added extra-heavy fusible interfacing to make it stand up well.  (I cut the waistband piece 6.5 inches so the finished waistband is 3 inches tall.)

I then added the heart pocket.  I did my heart pocket like I do my applique projects ….but I did take a few pictures to show you how….

Step 1: Place two pieces of fabric right sides together with your pattern on top.
Step 2:  Sew on the pattern line (through the paper) then cut out.
Step 3:  Tear off paper, and make two or three slits in the back fabric.
Step 4: Turn your heart and press well.
If you want this to be a pocket you need one more step (that I forgot to take a picture of).  Trace and cut one more heart from extra-heavy fusible interfacing and iron it on the back of the pocket to cover up the slits and to hold the fabric in place.  Then sew it on your skirt with a hole just big enough to slip a hand inside.  
And then take a twirl….they really are the perfect twirling skirts.

Happy heart month!

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    Oh my word super cute! what a fun skirt for her, I love the fullness. I wish I had one for V-Day for myself. But sadly I don’t think it would be as becoming.

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    So cute! We’ve just given our 9 year old daughter a sewing machine for her birthday and she is itching to make clothes for herself. This would be a great idea for a skirt for her to try! X

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    What an adorable skirt! This is my first visit to your blog, but I’m sure I’ll be back! Also, just wanted to say that I love that your daughter is named Hannie– my name is Hanni, and I’ve never met anyone else with the name!

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    I am so in love with this skirt! I got a new Singer for Christmas and am itching to make some new clothes. Where do you get all of your great fabrics? I love that this polka dot fabric looks quite sturdy.
    Thanks for your great work; you are my favorite sewing blog! Thanks again!


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