Facebook: Strange Things Are Afoot….

Very strange things….
I suppose they have been going on for a little while now…and we knew about it…Elizabeth is the one that actually started it.   But we haven’t done anything about it.  Not really anyways…until today.
You see, Elizabeth and I are far from being multi-media, techno-promotion girls.  We like to sew and maybe craft and then sew some more.  And I feel pretty good about figuring out the blog thing so that I can talk about sewing and crafting and sewing some more.  But our blog is the beginning and end of my adventures in technology.
Here are some facts—I still have a working flip phone.  I don’t text unless I absolutely have to.  (I’d rather just call you on the phone.)  And while I’ll send emails I wish the whole world still sent hand written letters mailed in envelopes with cool stamps on the front.  Oh and I’ve never seen an Instagram.  Ever.
That’s a fact.
Here’s another one:
I don’t have a personal Facebook page.
Never have.
And we are going to start using it.
Now, I know a few of you have already discovered the page.  (What’s up Emily my friend!)  But for those of you who haven’t here’s the deal:
After months and months of being questioned, encouraged, and lovingly harassed we decided to upload our daily Simple Simon posts over on our Facebook page.
But, then after an ongoing conversation between Elizabeth and I we decided that for us, Facebook could possibly be something more.  It may just be the perfect place for us to write all those things that we randomly want to share but may not want to make an entire post about.  And what are those things?
At any one time Elizabeth and I can each be knee deep in up to 5 or 6 different projects at once and on Facebook we can post a quick look at what we are working on.
We get quite a few emails asking us very similar questions.  On our Facebook page we can answer those questions and ask for your opinions as well.
And sometimes I just feel like saying random stuff and on our Facebook page I can just go in and say some weirdness whenever I want.  I think this is going to be a good thing.
So starting today Elizabeth and I will be taking one small step out of the dark ages and will officially begin to take care of our Facebook page—we will continue to upload our daily posts but we will also be sprinkling in our thoughts, questions, and works in progress.
And us unliZlike as it sounds.  I’m excited about this.  I think it may just be a lot of fun. 
Maybe we’ll see you over there.
PS—Just for the record Elizabeth is NOT as technologically backward as I am.
PS—Yesterday I posted my first ever Facebook post and I had to call Elizabeth on the phone to ask her how to do it.  True Story.

PPS—-There is a reader question up right now that we’d love to hear your two cents about. 

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  1. says

    what is wrong with flip phones? im still sporting a razor:) i too have never seen any of those other sites, but you kinda make me want to join facebook…well maybe! i just want to see what you girls are up to:)

  2. says

    I’m waiting with interest to see how you enjoy your new facebooking 🙂 I wonder about posting more bits and bobs to facebook – but I worry about losing the plot with posting all the time! Do report back 😉

  3. says

    My statement regarding technology is “There is a reason I sew!” I had to get rid of my flip phone about 1 year ago. My husband went for me and was directed to get me something
    “simple”. I did not see it as simple and refuse to add a bunch of nonsense downloads. My husband said it was a “gift” (because he upgraded from the free trade in). I told him a gift would have been coming home with a stack of fabric! I don’t like it when people text me, just figured out how to take a picture, and basically use it to speak, check my shop stats, and check emails. As for FB…I tried to set up a FB biz page, could NOT figure it out, and even with the FB for dummies book still failed–I couldn’t find the time to read it! Congrats to you ladies for stepping out. I’ll keep up with you here on the blog!

  4. says

    Oh thank you for coming out of the technology-impaired closet!
    I am also one who resides there. My husband helps me with any of the “computery” stuff that I need to do for my blog.
    I also have a flip phone…and NEVER have ever sent a text. I also never have seen instagram!
    Thanks for making me feel not alone!
    PS- I am so going to check out the FB page! YAY!

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