The Art of Homemaking: Because Tomorrow is Another Day

The week before last when I wrote this Art of Homemaking post or even the week before that when I posted about the “touch it once” motto I could have titled either of those posts, “Because Tomorrow is Another Day.”
You see up until recently that is how how I’ve dealt with things I haven’t wanted to do (things like folding the giant laundry pile, cleaning out the pantry, and sorting the toys in the toy bins).  I always think, well…it doesn’t have to be done right now and after all tomorrow is another day.
I don’t know if this is because I’m partially lazy or if I watched Gone With the Wind too many times while I was growing up.  (Either explanation is more than plausible.)  But changing from the “tomorrow is another day mentality” to the just do it right now has been a real transition.
Sometimes I don’t feel like making that dentist appointment or sending that email but if I can just make myself do it–right then—I don’t have to worry about forgetting to do it or worry about when I’ll get around to getting it done.  And more importantly it’s not a calamity when at the last minute I remember there is something pressing that suddenly needs to be done.
So, it’s worth the work…but for me, it’s still a lot of work.
These past few week’s I’ve been continuing to “put the house to bed” before I go to bed and trying to keep the “touch it once” rule.  The longer I continue to do it the easier it gets and I’m hoping it will eventually turn into a habit.
Not everyday is perfect.  I wish it was. 
There have been a few days this week where the dishes have been piled and the floors have been unswept…on these days I feel frustrated with myself—especially when I wake up in the morning and face all the work that needs to be done before I can even start my day.
But slowly I’m making progress and one day I’ll have these habits mastered.
For this upcoming week I’ll be working on Mrs. Hoole’s Facet No. 5
“An ideal homemaker makes the best use of her time and energy by being efficient so that she is able not only to keep up with her housework, but she is able to be a companion to her husband and a friend and teacher to her children.  She is able to pursue some personal interests which further contribute to her happiness and development.”
It’s a work in progress…but at least it’s in progress…and…after all tomorrow is another day!
PS—As long we’re talking about Gone With the Wind (kind of) I want to know why Scarlett gets the DIY shaft.  She was the first to make a killer outfit from a set of curtains but it’s Nobody-Solves-A-Problem-Like-Maria who gets all the credit.  Why is that?  Is it because Maria made outfits for the whole dang VonTrap family and Scarlett only outfitted herself?
It’s unjust I’m telling you.  Unjust!
(Just for the record…I like Scarlett’s look better….obviously…just check out the black feathers on that hat!)

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    i have been putting the house to bed for some time and love it! of course it is not always tucked in completely but that is ok with me:) i did however stop painting the other day because the house had been destroyed since we started the bathroom reno. i spent a few hours catching up with all the other rooms that had been neglected. it is so true how she writes about keeping the other rooms clean even when your in the middle of a project. after a few hours of cleaning i felt revived and happy. and i was ready to tackle the bathroom again. i am really loving the book and like you started re-reading it. this time i am taking it much slower and thinking more about it. thanks! have a great weekend!

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    I am so behind. How did I NOT know you were doing this series? And why don’t I have this book? And, can you PLEASE come over to my house and help me? Ha! Ha! I just went to Mrs. Hoole’s website. Looks like I’ll be downloading her book. (Thanks Liz!)

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    I go to a monthly Catholic group about just this subject. We are supposed to do an examination of conscience every evening…. asking thing like Did I use my time wisely?, and a lot of other questions.I always feel better when I tidy up before bed , especially in the morning.

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    I go back and forth on this concept all the time. I had gotten myself into the habit of doing the things I thought needed to be done right away rather than waiting. My only issue came about because literally every time I played with the kids I would get down on their level and see dust under the couch, or toys, or the rugs were dirty, or there was a stain on the chair that could probably come out.. etc. Then I would leave the activity and start cleaning. I had to make a rule, I can do it NOW as long as I’m not spending quality time with the kids. Though it is still REALLY hard to ignore the dust bunnies. 🙂

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    I have been wanting to tell you… when you first started the art of homemaking series I wasn’t all that excited. However, your blog is one of my top three favorites, so I read every post. Then, you had your “just touch it once post.” I thought it was so great, I made my husband read it. Then you had the putting the house to bed post, and I thought that was even better. I haven’t gotten as far as you in making these things habits, but you’ve given me things to work on. I’m glad you’re doing the series. Thanks, and keep it up!

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    Okay, I’m so glad you’re writing about homemaking too. I feel like a slacker all the time and as I type this I have a growing pile of laundry needing my attention. I think for myself, I get overwhelmed and would just rather sew something instead. Thank you for your post though, it’s made me want to bite the bullet and just get my junk done!

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