The Art of Homemaking: Meeting the Minute—Making Use of Carpool Time

This week I’ve been working on Facet No. 5 “Meet the Minute” from Daryl Hoole’s “The Art of Homemaking” book. 
The first words of the chapter are:  “An ideal homemaker makes the best use of her time and energy by being efficient….”
And then the chapter outlines 10 different ways to become efficient—everything from maintaining good working conditions to eliminating unnecessary steps.  In the weeks to come I’ll be working on those steps but this week, after reading the chapter I combined the information into one idea that I tried out.
(Actually it’s an idea that I came up with a few years ago—the first time I read the book—but then forgot about.  But this week I brought it back.  And it’s been awesome!)
Here’s what it is:
I pick up the carpool from school twice a week.  Now, instead of just sitting there, looking around, waiting for the kids to come out of school I use that time to clean the mini van.  (One of my least favorite jobs ever.)
In the little compartment under the passengers seat I’ve packed garbage bags, paper towels, and cleaners.  Then in the few minutes I have while I’m waiting for the kids I pick up any trash and wipe down seats, windows, doors, or the dash board.  (Whatever needs a little freshening up—and with kids in a mini van, there’s always something that needs a quick wipe down.)
It’s quick, easy, and keeps the van clean.
I started doing it faithfully after the first time I read “The Art of Homemaking” but then summer came and I completely forgot about it until rereading this chapter about efficiency. 
I’m glad I remembered doing it!  It’s an easy way to keep our van livable.
And it makes me feel like I’ve at least done 1 thing right this week.
(If you’ve been following along on our Facebook Page you know that I’ve had a less than stellar week in the homemaking department.) 
But I’m working on it….everyday I’m working on it…
Have a good weekend everyone and we’ll see you back here on Monday!

6 thoughts on “The Art of Homemaking: Meeting the Minute—Making Use of Carpool Time

  1. great idea! once a week we head to the car wash to use their vaccuum. it only costs 5 quarters and 3 apple juice boxes from mc donalds. its a treat for the kids and a super treat for me. i just started a little bucket system for cleaning my house. it has helped a ton! i really am loving her book too:)

  2. A wonderful idea but I wonder how many of those moms are thinking you are a nut…not that I would care myself. I think that is a wonderful idea! I have two pick-ups each afternoon. One about a ten minute wait and then from the middle school onto the elementary school for a 1/2 hour wait. During the ten minutes I have to keep my eye on the line (don’t want to get honked at!) but try to lean back and relax for a few minutes. During the longer wait I get to have one on one time with my daughter and hear about her day (the first of 3 times as she repeats it when her sister gets in and then repeats again for Dad at dinner!!)When she goes into Iphone mode that is my que to read my magazines. I have soo many to get through–after starting etsy my old pasttime/me time (home decor mags) just PILED up. I now have time to enjoy and feel like I accomplished making a dent in my pile of enjoyment reading.

  3. that is an awesome idea – we don’t do any school pick ups yet – but I bet I could figure out some time to work it in – just the thought to have all the supplies right there where you need them is smart (of course we do keep tons of paper towels in the car ever since our first car sickness episode ;op)

  4. That is a great idea, and now that I am not homeschooling any more, I am totally going to use it! One thing my grandma used to do was wear an apron, with big pockets, and she would put stuff in her pockets, so that she could redistribute those things throughout the house as she was cleaning. I started doing that this week, and its amazing how many steps you can save.
    I love her Daryl Hooles’ books- I picked them up at a DI 10 years ago, and they are so full of terrific ideas, that I can only learn a few good things every time I read them.
    thanks for sharing!
    with love

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