Thrifted Thursday–A Pink Dress

(their picture from the listing, not mine)
I have been in search of a new dress…..forever.  I really think I have been looking for over a year. I always try on tons, but something just always isn’t right. 
 (Does anyone else have problems finding dresses or is it just me?)
I really was trying to remember when the last time I bought a new dress was, and it was for my brother-in-law’s wedding which was 2 + years ago (they have the cutest baby boy now).
Well, one sleepless, sick-child night last month I found myself perusing Etsy and found this vintage beauty.  I stared at it for two days before I got out my tape measure and then I think I took my measurements a million times to make sure it would fit.  And here’s the crazy thing, the measurements were perfect. 
 So, I took the plunge (which wasn’t a lot—around $30 or so—but for a thrifted item, it was a lot)…..
And….it turns out I LOVE it.  It is from the 70′s and is in great shape.  One button on one of the cuffs was missing….so I will replace both….but that’s it.
Now, I am on the hunt for a black blazer to wear with it (and maybe a black belt).  
Have you had any fantastic finds lately?  I’d love to hear….

3 thoughts on “Thrifted Thursday–A Pink Dress

  1. that is so beautiful! i found a clothes drying rack that hangs on the wall and fans out for $40! yes a little steep, but it looks brand new. and some times you have to pay a little more when you find the perfect thing. happy valentines day!

  2. I love this, it is like one of the dresses I loved to borrow from my grandma’s closet in high school. They always made me feel so classy.
    Haven’t been looking for anything because we have been on the giving side, but liz tie dress has me rethinking that.

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