Thrifted Thursday: Daddy to Daughter Dress—The Sequel

If you’ve come around here for any period of time you already know that I sometimes start with an idea and then….go crazy with it…and remake it 72 million times in 5 thousand different ways.
(Like all those different kinds of t-shirt skirts,or the specimen charts, or the suspenders, or all those, well, you get the point.)
So when I posted about the Daddy to Daughter Dress last week you may have suspected that I would be making some more…and if you suspected that, then you were right.
Super, crazy, right.
I am totally loving pairing the tie patterns and textures with cotton fabrics.
It’s so much fun. 
(Yes, this is what I think is fun.  And that is why I am a jumbo nerd.)
Ok, so here are the differences from the dress I’m sharing today and the one from last week.
First of all instead of just using the tie for a decorative stripe I kept it’s shape as a tie (letting it end half way down the dress instead of running it right off the bottom of the dress). 
I also used a skinny vintage tie, instead of a wider one from my husbands closet.  
And then I put this tie on a different dress pattern—this one I drew up myself just for this fabric and tie (and collar—which is another difference between this dress and last weeks).
So that’s that..another tie embellished dress…and I love it.
I really do—I like this dress even more than the first one.
And even though I still have a million more tie dresses flying around in my head I’ll try to control myself—and only make the 2 other variations that I’ve already cut out.
PS—If you want to know how I added the ties to these dresses the tutorial is HERE.
PS—Several people sent emails asking what pattern I used for the dress last week—so I’ll tell you and it’s a good one!  It is an “It’s so easy SIMPLICITY” pattern #4927.  (Which is a TERRIFIC pattern for beginning seamstresses—it’s cute, easy and has no button holes or zippers to worry about.)
PS—Simplicity didn’t pay me to say that last PS.
PS—The fabric I used was from my stash and is from Micheal Miller (who didn’t pay me to say that either 🙂

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