A Pinwheel Quilt and some thoughts…

pinwheel quilt
“Nobody starts out a perfect quilter.” 
When my oldest was a baby and I had quit my teaching job, I needed something to do.  Then one Sunday I saw a beautiful baby quilt at church that one of the older ladies in my neighborhood had made, so I asked her to show me how to make one.  It was my first taste of sewing again and my very first taste of quilting….
I have done a few simple strip-quilts over the years, but found myself more drawn to sewing apparel.  But late last fall when I was brainstorming meaningful Christmas presents I felt drawn to make some lap quilts.  And as I started I realized that I missed out.  I missed the piecing and the quilting.
No, I am not a perfect quilter, and I have come to terms with that.  But it’s been a fun couple of months catching up on some quilting. So this year I set a goal to make each of my kids a quilt in 2013.
The first one was a joint effort.  Hannah and I finally finished her quilt a couple weeks ago and are almost done with her room makeover (we have two pieces of artwork to hang).  And it was fun.  Hannah is so proud of her quilt that it’s been wonderful to see.
And this quote….well, I hope it will be true.
“After all, a woman didn’t leave much behind in the world to show she’d been there. Even the children she bore and raised got their father’s name. But her quilts, now that was something she could pass on.” 
― Sandra Dallas
Any thoughts on quilting?

PS—Alright. Remember when we posted about auditioning for Sew It All? And we finally showed a photo of ourselves and then we sent you over to a link that didn’t exist? Wellllllll….the link exists now…and the video is up and the voting has started.

(Actually, the video went up and the voting started a while ago but we just haven’t said anything about it…until today.)

Here’s the thing…it EMBARRASSING to tell you to go watch a video of us! Ooooo look at me I’m in a video….he he he…everybody love me and watch me….AGHHHH!!!! It’s just not like us!

But, we do think it would be so much fun to tape an episode of Sew It All and we’d really like to have the chance to do it.
So, if you have a minute…and you wouldn’t mind click over HERE and vote.

Thanks. And if not, that’s ok…we’ll just never post another tutorial ever again…until like tomorrow..or Monday…

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    wow that quilt is beautiful! i cannot wait to see it all finished:) what a great show by the way. makes me want to make a bubble skirt now:) you two did an amazing job! i really hope you win and move on…you got my vote!

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    I love the quilt. I have started about four in recent months and not finished one lol! I started piecing something for next weeks PR&P that might fit the bill though (that’s all I’m saying) and I hope to finish that!

    I watched your video last week and tried to vote but I’m not 100% sure it took so I will try again shortly 🙂

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      I did one true quilt (with ties)and will never do another. I made it on my vacation from my 20 something job. I still have it and didn’t find it boring at the time…just nothing I have the desire to make again. It is very tedious. I enjoy the “simple quilt”–just piecing together different fun fabrics to make stroller sized blankets. Maybe some topstitching along the seams sides for added design and durability–nothing fancy. I prefer to just create and make, and don’t care for sewing clothes either. I have a feeling when I have grandchildren (if they are girls!) I could see sewing some cute stuff!

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    I find the thing with quilting is that I have to get out of the mentality that I need to cross a quilt off my to-do list, like I do with some other projects. I think if you’re looking for instant gratification, then making a quilt is not for you. I don’t like leaving things unfinished, which led me to spend 9 straight hours hand-sewing a binding on my first quilt. That turned me off sewing for a while, so I’ve had to convince myself that it’s okay to work on one project for months before finishing. It can be hard when you see bloggers whipping up a quilt a week. You need to take pleasure in the process.

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    This is a really awesome post, and I love your quilt! I definitely think the quote is true; when my FIL’s parents died, it was his mother’s quilts they wanted more than anything else. Also I know my kids have loved the quilts I’ve made for them, even if all I can see are the mistakes I made while I was working on them!

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    I love the quilt you made. And I think it’s awesome to make them for your kids. I need to make my son one. Well I did, but it was technically from Santa… They are time consuming, but I love designing them and not using patterns, making my own designs and patterns. TO me it merges my past art life with my sewing life into creating something beautiful! 🙂 totally addicted to quilting!

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    That is a gorgeous quilt! Would you mind telling me what the gray polka dot fabric is? It’s just the perfect neutral.

    Thank you!

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    That quilt is just gorgeous! Would you mind sharing the name/manufacturer of the gray polka dot fabric? Its the perfect neutral.

    Thank you!

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