The Kind of Post That We Aren’t So Good at Writing

Over on Project Run and Play, almost everyday, Elizabeth and I share the fabulousness of other bloggers.  It’s great.  We could talk all day about others (and usually do)!  But when it comes to talking about ourselves…we’re not so good at it.
Many (ok, almost all of you) have given us a hard time about not posting photos of ourselves on our blog.   We post about our children, our sewing, our thoughts, but not photos of ourselves. 
Usually we tell people that’s because we are like Lemony Snickett or that guy “Wilson” from the 90’s sitcom “ToolTime” or even like Darth Vader.  Wait!  No!  Not like Darth Vader, not at all—we don’t wear masks, work for the dark side, or carry light sabers.  So…scratch that.  Just think Lemony Snickett or Wilson.  Yea, like those guys…mysterious but not evil.:)
But today we’re going to come out from behind the fence for just a few minutes.
Over the weekend we had a wonderful opportunity to share one of our tutorials in person, in front of an audience to audition for the PBS television show Sew It All.
The audition was held up near Seattle, Washington at the Sewing and Stitchery Expo where we were part of the Coats and Clark Charity event for a local Children’s hospital.
There we were able to meet 4 other tremendously nice bloggers (Caroline from Sew Caroline,
Stephanie from The Silly Pearl, Rhonda from Rhonda’s Creative Life, and Beth from Elizabeth Chandler Designs).  They were all amazing at their demonstrations, could all be our neighbors and were an absolute pleasure to meet.
 Auditions went like this—we were each given 5 minutes to demonstrate one of our projects in front of the cameras and the audience.  After that the audience voted for their favorite demo and the top two were then moved on to an online vote over at Sew It All.

Which brings us to where we are today—in photos and on video instead of safely hidden behind our computer screens.

The online voting starts today over HERE and we are part of it.

 If we win we get to travel to the set of Sew It All and film our own episode with Ellen March!
(Which we think would be so much fun.)

So how did we go from blogland recluses to asking for your help to be on TV?
 Who knows?  It’s a mystery—like how someone discovered that oysters were edible or why my cat runs a fight club—hard to imagine but true. 

We really would love to be on an episode of Sew It All (even if that means breaking down the wall and posting some photos of ourselves).  So if you have a minute, and wouldn’t mind, you can go HERE to see our demonstration and vote for us.  We would appreciate it if you did.


PS—Yes Elizabeth and I are in the photo above and yes we are wearing the same colored cardigans but no we did not plan that and no we don’t usually match—especially when we are together in public.

And just in case you are wondering, Elizabeth is the normal looking one and I’m the one who started talking about the ginormous pile of nachos she had just eaten (and still smelled like) and couldn’t stop laughing for long enough to have a normal photo taken of herself.

HEY….SO we just noticed that the videos and the voting hasn’t been posted yet….We will let you know as soon as it goes up.

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  1. says

    So funny. I kept reading along in the post going “this doesn’t count, i don’t even know WHICH ones they are!”… lol Thought you tricked me there for a minute! Especially since it’s a once in a lifetime sighting.. i will be heading over to watch your video 🙂 Thanks for posting


  2. says

    oh man, I LOVE that you’re wearing matching cardigans. I showed up at the bridal shower of my new sister-in-law-to-be and my MOM showed up wearing the same thing – I’m sure her family thought we were crazy!

  3. says

    So darling! It’s an absolute pleasure to finally meet you both! And congratulations on such a fabulous opportunity to be on the telly. (I’m headed off to vote for you now.)

  4. says

    I had a feeling it was the two ladies on the right. That explains the big grin liZ. Do you both have a thing for nachos? Sometimes I can’t keep the two of you seperate but I do believe liZ, you are the “kookier” of the two–in a good way! As I have said, love the humor and all the PS, PSS, etc. make me laugh. Love your work and blog. Goood Luck!! I’ll vote when they get it figured out!

    • says

      The nacho thing is all liZ—as is the soda—the insaine pets—and everything else that’s wierd. I definatly am the “kookier” one, it’s a good thing that Elizabeth is around to keep everything from getting too crazy!

  5. says

    The nacho thing is all liZ—as is the soda—the insaine pets—and everything else that’s wierd. I definatly am the “kookier” one, it’s a good thing that Elizabeth is around to keep everything from getting too crazy!

  6. says

    ok, am i the only one who cannot view it? i have tried everything but the link doesnt bring me to your audition. im sure it is me. you know me and computers:) but really, i cannot wait to see it!! that is amazing and i really hope you win. how cool is that?!

  7. says

    apparently i got too excited and never saw the big red writing at the end of your post:) sorry! i will be waiting…impatiently! you two are insanely cute by the way. you really should show your faces more:)

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