You Can’t Judge a Pattern By Its Cover: Sabra from Sew A Straight Line

Today’s pattern challenge is from our friend Sabra from Sew a Straight Line.  We have had the opportunity to meet and chat with Sabra a few times and we always end up chatting all night.  She is amazingly talented, so down-to-earth and a great friend.  Here’s what Sabra said about the “lovely pattern” that we sent her….

I was blessed to receive Kwik Sew 885, a.k.a: Drawstring Love. I made just a few easy, but significant changes to update the pattern to a more modern feel. And though I didn’t use any drawstrings in my interpretation, their ruched look definitely influenced the end-design.

Didn’t she do an amazing job?  It totally looks like a modern blouse that she made.  Fantastic!  Head HERE to read more about it….
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9 thoughts on “You Can’t Judge a Pattern By Its Cover: Sabra from Sew A Straight Line

  1. Perfect–looks amazing and so modern! I love your pattern series ladies. I butted in and told a lady at the fabric store on Monday about your site and line up with the Ugly Patterns (she was buying a pattern). I have to share a good thing:)

  2. Ahh, thanks, ladies! Challenges like this are so much fun. It’s always rewarding to be taken out of your comfort zone and pushed. Well, assuming you’re successful, anyway :)

  3. SO FUNNY! I just left her a comment about that pattern. That is my SISTERs name on it(her hand writing) and the date is right. Email me if you want.

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