Indie Chic Circle Quilt: A Bulls Eye Quilt Tutorial

Hello!  Today I’m sharing a tutorial that I originally posted over at Riley Blake Designs.  It’s a quilt that I made a few months ago that was really a lot of fun to put together!
I made it for family movie nights…and I’m so glad that I did!
Here’s the materials that I used:
A Fat Quarter Bundle of the AWESOME Indie Chic line and some yardage of the coordinating Whisper White and Lemon solid fabrics.
And here’s the instructions for how I put the blocks together:
Step #1-  Cut out your solid squares.  (They chose to make their squares 9 inches by 9 inches and out of the Whisper White fabric.  Their quilt is also 7 squares wide by 7 squares long, which means they needed to cut out 49 squares.)

Step #2.  Cut out your circles.  You will need a small, medium, and large circle for each square in your quilt.  (They used 2 plates and 1 bowl for their circle templates..the small size being about 4 inches wide, the medium being 5 and 1/2 inches, and the largest measuring in at 7 inches wide.)
*NOTE:  There are circle rulers available so that you don’t have to make templates MacGyver style from what ever you can find in your kitchen.   Lori Holt has some wonderful ones and a great demo on how to use them that you can check out HERE.

Step #3.  Center a large circle on one of your squares (pin it if you like) and sew it on.  Just like that.  Your stitch line will be about 1/4 of an inch inside your circle and you will have raw edges.  (These will fray and get softer and cuter the more that you wash your quilt.)

Step #4.  Center your medium circle in the middle of your large circle (pin if you like) and sew it on just like you did the large circle.  Easy.

Step #5.  Center your smallest circle in the middle of your medium circle (pin it if you like) and sew it on exactly the way you did the other two circles.  (Now repeat the process 48 more times! :)  Don’t worry it sounds like a lot but it goes fast.)

Step #6.  Cut each of your circled squares exactly in half vertically and horizontaly

Stpe #7.  Now begin to assemble your finished 4 square blocks.  Do this by choosing 4 different pattern pieces. (As is shown in the picture below.)

Step #8.  Placing your squares right sides together sew your top two squares together and your bottom two squares together.  (Like in the picture below.)

Step #9.  Now place these two rectangles right sides together and sew them together so that you have a finished block that looks like the one in the picture below.

Repeat this process until you’ve reconstructed all of your blocks.
Then assemble your quilt in the style of your choice.
This was such a fun and easy way to make a quilt that is perfect for family movie nights!
And if you want to make a 10 minute pillow case to go with your movie night quilt, then you can just click here:
Have a good Monday everyone!

4 thoughts on “Indie Chic Circle Quilt: A Bulls Eye Quilt Tutorial

  1. I still remember us dying laughing trying to go around all those circles….probably not the best quilt to try our hands at long-arm quilting.

    So those mistakes….yeah, you can blame those on m ;)

  2. Gorgeous! Would be stunning as a wall-hanging/art as well! Thanks for the great idea! I might try a spin on this someday. The quilting must have been the really time consuming part. How long did that take you?

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