Skirting the Issue: Skirt Tutorials

Now that you have all the information for Skirting the Issue let’s get sewing!
As you know this week we are focusing on skirts so to get us started we have put together a round up of some of our favorite skirts from last year…
And a few more skirts we have made this year…..
Click on any of the links to get the full tutorials.

And if you need help figuring out measurements and sizing you can go here to find to the chart that we put together last year:
Skirt Sizing Chart & Measurements
***Note the chart shows actual size measurements.  (So for example if you see that an average size for waist is 21 inches and you are making an elastic waistband skirt you will want to remember that 21 inches is how big around the child is and cut your elastic at 20 inches.)

And one last word on skirts:
I will be making mine to donate to girls in foster care again.  For me, it’s the perfect project.  I’ve heard about a fantastic local foster care closet and that is where all my skirts will be going.  This year I will be working on making some skirts for older girls.

We’ve been told that for the younger girls (preschool age and younger) they usually are ok for clothing but for the older ages (especially teens and tweens) there is a real need.

We hope you will sew along with us and are eagerly watching the Flickr group for items to start popping up. 
(If you are planning to sew along with us a make a skirt where are you planning on donating it to?  We’d love to hear about it!)

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