Simple Spider Web Skirt Tutorial

 I know, I know I’m posting yet another yarn embellished skirt.
(But you know how I get…once I get going on something it’s hard for me to stop…but I’ll try to control myself and only post one more yarnified skirt after this one.)I made this skirt the other day for Grace to wear during the spooky season.
It is made from a light weight corduroy and has a simple elastic waistband.To make this skirt I cut the fabric to the necessary measurements and then “hemmed” (or finished) the bottom edge.After that I laid out the yarn in the spider web shape and glued it to the skirt using fabric glue.
I let the glue dry over night and then sewed the yarn down by sewing right on top of it with matching thread.
Next I sewed up the back seam, made the casing, inserted the elastic and closed the casing.
Then the skirt was finished.
It was definitely a start to finish during nap time project.  (And I love those kind of projects!)
 Now before I sign off for the day I’ve had a few questions about my other yarn skirts.  (The Hostess Cupcake Skirt and the Get In Line Skirt)  So I want to hurry and address them:
*Yes you can wash these skirts.  I just wash them in cold…although the Hostess Cupcake skirt has gone through the washer with the Levis more than once and lived to tell the tale.
*About drying…I’ve never put yarn embellished skirts in the drier.  I just pull them out when I am changing the laundry and lay them out (or hang them up) to dry.  (That way I don’t have to iron them either!)
*Do they last?  Well, The Hostess Cupcake skirt went through a year of preschool and now Ruth is wearing it so I’ll have to say yes, for me they have.
Alright!  So that is that.
See you all tomorrow!
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