Cloth Napkin Tutorial with self-mitered corners

I shared these cloth napkins as a guest post last Christmas but then ran of of time to repost them here.  But I still love them and they would also make easy and great gifts for others!
Here is what you need to do:
And you are done!!!!

10 thoughts on “Cloth Napkin Tutorial with self-mitered corners

  1. these are beautiful! I made some napkins the other day and they are very addictive! :) These are much prettier than the ones I made, but I love mine too since my son printed them! :

  2. This seems easy enough but I have one question. For Step 5 you say leave a 1/4 square at the corner but in the pictures it looks like you sewed right around the whole perimeter. Do I sew to almost the corner then cut my thread and start from almost the corner on the other side? Or do I just sew right around? Sorry!!! I guess I am mitered corner challenged :)

  3. This is amazing. Your website is inpiring me to do more sewing but I never ventured into quilting, dress making and napkin making! Would love to do this but I have questions: do you pre-wash before you cut the fabrics? How does this hold when you wash them after use? Can this go in regular laundry?

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