Great Gifts for the Sewing Blogger…..

 How do you do gifts between you and your spouse?
We struggled with this early on in our marriage because undoubtedly every year, someone would buy more gifts than the other person and it…ummm…. wasn’t working so well.  So about 5 or 6 years ago (it might be longer than that) we decided to set a limit.  So, now the plan is that we do one bigger gift and then stocking stuffers.
It was about the same year we really decided “more is just more” for gifts for the kids, so we completely scaled back for them too.  More on that another day, but we felt like Christmas was just an overload and our kids weren’t appreciating it.
Our new system is easy and it works well for us.  The bigger gifts depend on the year and the budget amount we set, so some years they are bigger than others, but we have found that it is a great way to think of a thoughtful gift when you are just buying one.
So, in the spirit of one “bigger gift” and then stocking stuffers….I thought I would share some of my favorite bigger sewing/blogger ideas and then some smaller ones too.(And then maybe you can just send this link to someone special for ideas…)

Here are my ideas….some that I have (mostly the stocking stuffers) and some that I would LOVE to be  under the tree!

The BIGGER Gift ideas…..

 Let’s start with the top row.  This Jo Tote is top on my list this year, I have wanted one for a couple of years and I am hoping that it will be my “bigger gift” this year ;)

(Just so you know, none of these links are affiliate links…just resources I have purchased from before or have found.)

Top middle is the Cowboy Light Studio kit.  I found out about this kit in a photography class recently and ordered it immediately (I had some store credit).  It was under $60 and the person talking said that she highly recommended it, so I couldn’t resist.  And it is a wonder!  Seriously.  I can photograph tutorials at night….which I never could before.  YIPPPEEE!  It really is great for the price.

And the last gift is on that row are the Gingher shears.  I love the spring action dress-making ones with the closure—I got mine a couple of years ago and highly recommend them….they are amazing!

The middle row are pure dream gifts for any sewist—a professional dress form and a professional steam iron set.—-pure awesomeness.  (Enough said there.)

And the bottom row starts with my crafting/sewing table from Ikea.  The whole set-up was under $100 dollars and it is where I do all my fabric cutting.  It is a great value for the money in my opinion (just screw your tabletop onto the legs to keep it sturdy).

The bottom middle picture is a light reflector for your photography.  They run under $30 and I use mine all the time.  It is great for darker days when you are photographing outside or anywhere really, you will love it.

And the last item pictured in the bottom row is a dream gift, a new serger.  Who wouldn’t want that as a “bigger” gift?  Um… one.

And now to some stocking stuffers….all of which are under $15 and are awesome sewing tools.

Top row (left to right):  a metal french curve, new rotary cutting blades (I always forget to buy them), and a bias tape maker.
Middle row (left to right): a tailor’s ham (make or buy), and my favorite pins (I love the flower heads because I can find them if I drop them in the carpet—which is a necessity in my shared sewing space).
Bottom row: quilt binding clips (I want some of these hon!), a hera marker for marking fabrics, and an easy hem gauge (perfect for ironing the right hems—you just slip it under your fabric and iron on top of it).
And there you have it…some of my favorite things and wishes.  Did I miss anything that you love to sew with?

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