Handmade Christmas: Easy Gift Necklace Tutorial

Last year for our neighborhood craft morning, I did these easy gift necklaces.  The supplies cost well under $5 dollars (way more if you buy in bulk) and would make a great gift for any girl, teen or friend this holiday season.
If you are searching etsy for supplies you are going to search under “necklace blanks” and the supplies will pop up.  These are the 1 inch squares in silver.  You can order the necklace and the glass piece as well as the necklace chain from lots of places.  And the paper I printed out on a laser printer as a 1 inch square. *Make sure it is a laser printer….otherwise the colors will run.
And here’s how you make them…..
Using a small dot of glue (I like the one below) glue the cardstock saying onto the silver necklace back.
Then place a small amount a glue on top of the paper.
Place the glass block on top and let dry for 6-8 hours.  It will look cloudy at first, but will dry completely clear.
I added a charm to each necklace but that is completely optional.
And you are done!

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