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crochet cozy--simplesimonandcompany

A few weeks ago I shared this handmade gift over at Riley Blake Designs, but today I am bringing it home…..

opening shot--crochet cozy--simplesimonandcompany

Here’s the story behind it.  I was recently helping my mom clean out her craft room and we kept finding loose crochet hooks around the place… here, one there and quite a few more in her crochet basket.  And an idea was born.  She was in desperate need of a crochet cozy!

I used just under a half-yard of fabric and it took about 1 hour to make—which is just the kind of sewing I love.

crochet cozy first picture

Here is what you will need if you want to make one….

supplies---crochet cozy


supplies1--crochet cozy

And here are the easy directions…..

step1-crochet cozy real


crochet cozy--step 2

step3-crochet cozy


step 4--crochet cozy


step 5--crochet cozy


step 6-crochet cozy


real step 7-crochet cozy

Here is what a walking foot looks like in case you were wondering.  And you might also be wondering if you absolutely need a walking foot to topstitch—and the answer is no.  It just makes things a bit easier because of the 3 or 4 layers of fabric that you are sewing through.  If you aren’t using a walking foot, I would up your stitch length a bit to help the layers go through your machine a bit easier.

step 8-crochet cozy


step9 crochet cozy



step 10-crochet cozy


All you have left is to clip your seams and you are done!  And the sparkle cotton looks so pretty up close and in person….it’s darling.

step 11-crochet cozy

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  1. Chelle Chapman says

    IF I was to make one of these for knitting needles also, does it just need to be taller?
    LOVE this tute! I have seen others & this one is just better! Easier to follow! You ROCK!!

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