Satin and Tulle Skirt Tutorial

With St.Patrick’s Day coming up I thought I’d share a quick tutorial for making little girls golden tulle skirts.  (But isn’t green the color of the day you say…well…not if you are Grace…she’s convinced that you wear both colors…and the gold is to help you find the leprechauns who love gold….)
ANYWAY…Here is the post:
We shared it a few months back over at Sewing in No Man’s Land
Hello! Sewing in No Man’s Land Readers!
We are so excited to be over here today sharing a skirt tutorial.  (Skirts are one of our favorite things to make!)
We are Elizabeth and liZ from over at Simple Simon and Company and aside from our love of girls skirts we also love adding tulle to our sewing creations!
So today we decided to combine our love of skirts and tulle into a very simple skirt that we made for our girls for the holiday season:

They are gold satin with a tulle over lay…perfect for the holidays, New Years, and even through Valentine’s.  They are easy to sew up and I love the way they look.

So if you want to make some here’s what you to do:

#1.  Cut your satin and your tulle pieces.  You will need to cut one piece of satin and 4 pieces of tulle.  (Although you really could get by with only 3 pieces of tulle or use as much as 6…it’s just depends on your personal preference.)

I cut both my satin and my tulle to be at least twice as wide as my girls are around the waist (And really I just usually use the full width of the fabric.)   And then I cut them to be as long the measurement is from their waist to the desired length of the skirt plus a generous 1 and 1/2 inches (for the elastic casing and the hem).

#2.  “Hem” the bottom of the satin portion of your skirt.

I do this by turning the bottom edge under 1/4 of an inch and sewing.  Then I turn it under another 1/4 of an inch and sew to give the skirt a finished hemline.

#3.  Attach the tulle to your satin.

I did this by pinning the tulle on top of my satin and then running a long stitch across the top of the skirt like in the photo below.

#4.  Sew up your side seam.

I did this by folding the skirt, right sides together, lining up all the pieces of tulle and satin, and then stitching them together using an almost half inch seam just to make sure I had all the layers safely within the seam.  (Then I cut off the excess tulle and satin.)

#5.  Make the casing for your elastic.

I did this by folding my layers of tulle and satin over about an inch to the wrong side and stitching it down.  Remembering to leave a small opening to thread my elastic through.

#6.  Insert you elastic.  Stitch the opening in the casing closed and flip your skirt right side out.

You are done!
***Note I cut the length of my tulle and the length of my satin the same length.  However, I finished the edge of the satin and not the tulle which now makes the satin layer shorter than the tulle layer.  This is done on purpose so that none of the lining will stick out farther than the tulle.  The tulle layer should be slightly longer and fluffier to make the skirt look cuter while it is being worn.***
 I wish I had pictures of the girls all in their matching skirts…but they won’t be opening them until Christmas…or the morning of the family Christmas party if I can’t wait until Christmas….
Thank you again Kelly for inviting us over here today.
What a fun series to be able to be a part of!
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