Squid Squid Whale or…If Nautical Nonsense Be Something You Wish


Here’s the deal.

Susan from Living With Punks invited us to join in her Home Sewn Series where a lovely bunch of bloggers are getting together to sew items for their homes.   See the terrific list below?  It’s a fun group…and will be an excellent series!  The only problem is…

Home Sewn700

…that Susan invited us awhile back…and in between the invitation and today a lot of things happened…including me moving and reorganizing our home library.  (No…it’s not enough for me to hoard fabric…I have to collect books as well.)

And one of those books happened to be “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” which I read for the first time last summer…and got a little obsessed with and read a version of it to the kids…and then made them all watch the old Kirk Douglas movie…and look through old Jacques Cousteau books….and ANYWAY, last week I rediscovered the book…and one thing led to another and before I knew what was happening this is what I made for Susan’s Home Sewn Series:Squid Towel Collage

Giant Squid and whale dish towels to use in the kitchen!!!

And the thing is…I LOVE THEM.  (Who doesn’t want a giant squid hanging out in their kitchen and helping with the dishes????)  Plus they were just fun to make.  I had some crazy colored dish towels that I bought eons ago at the Dollar store and some felt that I picked up there last week as well.  So the project was really inexpensive.  Then add in that I like to draw weird things and cut them out and I had a miniature match made in heaven.

Here’s what I did:

#1.  Drew some crazy animals.

#2.  Traced them onto felt and cut them out.

#3.  Fabric glued them to the dish towel.

#4.  Stitched around each shape with my sewing machine.

#5.  Added a little bit of embroidery for fun.

That’s it…so really you could whip up some of your own in a jiffy with more normal animals…or if you nautical nonsense IS something you wish then you can down load the drawings I used for my sea life towels HERE.

(AND if you did then you could say things to your husband like, “Whale it looks like it’s time for you to dry the dishes!”)

Squid Towels all three

Or not…

But whatever you do…squid, no squid…armadillo, giraffe, yellow jacket…head over to Susan’s blog, check out her series and enter to win her fabulous giveaway!!!  (It’s a good one!)


PS—Ok, yes…squids are weird.  But #1.  I like them and #2. It could have been weirder…I also drew out a narwhal and an old school deep sea diver to go along with these guys.  (Which actually I kind of love to…and will probably make for my own entertainment….because what goes better with squid than narwhal?)

PPS—I think this is how I want to play “Duck Duck Goose” from now on…squid….squid….squid….WHALE!!!!  AGGGHHHHH!!!!!

PPSS—Perhaps all these sleepless nights with sick kids are letting you see way too far into the madness that is my brain….good thing it’s Elizabeth that will be posting tomorrow!!!


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  1. says

    These are great. I love weird sea creatures. The highlight of a college trip to the Smithsonian was standing for a good 10 minutes staring at the remains of a giant squid in the collection. So cool. Your kids are probably a little old for it, but my son loves Charles Fuge’s Amazing Animal ABC. He’s enamored with “D Dancing dodo” right now, but I bought it because of “N nasty narwahl, O outraged owl, P pirate penguin and his panther on the prowl.” 🙂 (Is it sad or awesome that I didn’t have to go look that up? I will probably have that book memorized forever.)

    • liZ says

      HAHAHAHA!!! nasty narwhal!!! outraged owl??? I”ve got to go look this up!!

      PS—That Smithsonian has got some crazy cool stuff!!!

  2. Sherry says

    Those are great! Your duck, duck, goose comment made me laugh. My youngest came home from school one day and said “We played duck, duck, goose today.”, I asked if she was the duck or the goose and she responded, “I was the turkey.”. Now when ever she does something to stand out in the crowd, her dad and I respond with, “I was the turkey.” 🙂

    • liZ says

      Kristi! I totally said that after I finished making these! (Putting them on a skirt that is!) If you make one you totally have to send me the picture!


  1. […] Liz from Simple Simon & Co. shows how she made these fun nautical kitchen towels with squids and whales.  Her tutorial is part of the Home Sewn series hosted by Susan from Living with Punks.  She used applique and embroidery to put the nautical animals on a set of brightly colored dishtowels.  This would also be super cute for a child’s bedroom, with the squid and whale appliqued on to pillow covers.  Go to Simple Simon & Co. for the tutorial. […]

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