easy fabric bookmark without words

Easy Fabric Bookmark

easy fabric bookmark without words

Do you need a fast and simple gift?  Well, these easy fabric bookmarks are a little handmade touch to go with a store-bought book as a gift and are so cute sticking out of the side.  And I love them because they won’t damage a book!

  They are perfect sewing project for any age and are also a perfect scrap buster for tiny pieces of fabric that you have left-over from other projects.  Hannie helped me with this one and the only part I did was the top-stitching (mostly because she had a friend come to the door to play).

Here’s how I made mine:

*3 pieces of quilting cotton  (4 inches by 4 inches)

* 1 piece of batting (4 inches by 4 inches)

easy fabric bookmark supplies

Step 1: Iron one square in a half-square triangle.
easy fabric bookmark step 1

Step 2: Place batting on the bottom, then 1 square (right side up), then your half-square triangle on top.easy fabric bookmark step 2

Step 3: Place your last square on top with the right side facing down toward the rest of the fabrics.easy fabric bookmark step 3

Step 4: Stitch around the square leaving a 1 inch opening to turn.  Clip corners.easy fabric bookmark step 4

Step 5: Turn and flip right sides out.  Topstitch the opening closed.Fabric bookmark simple simon and company

And you are done!easy fabric bookmark end shot

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