Quilt Block Pocket Tutorial

Today I have a Quilt Block Pocket Tutorial to share with you.

I posted it awhile back over at the Moda Bake Shop but today I’m brining it home.  (I love this idea and have been making quilt block pockets like a crazy person ever since posting it!)


If you are anything like me after you finish a quilt you end up with a few orphaned quilt blocks…and then you don’t have the heart to throw them out…so you keep them…and they wait for another chance to shine.

Well, recently I found a fun way to let those orphaned blocks shine!  Add them to an apron, bag, skirt, or girls dress as a pocket and let them be the be the center of attention.


*A quilt block

*A piece of fabric the same size as your quilt block to use for lining

*An item to sew your new pocket onto



#1.  Find yourself a quilt block that needs a good home.  Square it up and then cut a coordinating piece of fabric the same size as your quilt block.

#2.  Place your quilt block and your lining fabric right sides together and sew around the perimeter of your block.  (Leaving a short 1 inch opening on the bottom edge of your pocket that will be used to flip your block right sides out.)
#3.  Trim your corners.

#4.  Flip your block right sides out and press flat.

#5.  Pin your pocket on your item.

#6.  Sew along both sides and the bottom of your block leaving the top open to create your pocket. (As you sew around the perimeter you will sew closed the opening that you used to flip your block with.)
And you are all done!


A new home for a deserving quilt block and a new item with a darling pocket detail.

*Note all the fabric for the quilt blocks, dress, and collar come from Basic Grey’s Little Black Dress 2 line.

We were so happy to visit here at the Moda Bake Shop today!


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