Free Tank Top Pattern

Today we have a free tank top pattern to share with you….

Free Tank Top Pattern

…kind of…

Here’s the deal:  I’ve been making myself some tank tops to wear over my swimming suit while I’m with my kids at the pool….then I made me some more to wear as shells…and then I couldn’t stop making them.

I made a pattern that I like!

I like the neckline, the length, the fit in the shoulders and the bottom hemline.  PLUS they are super duper easy to make.  All I do is sew the front to the back (right sides together) and then serge around the neckline, the armholes, and the hem.  From start to finish it’s like a 30 minute project.

So I was telling Elizabeth about my obsession and she said that she’d scan the pattern in for me so I could share it with all of you…and so we did.

So if you want the pattern you can down load it here:

Free Tank Top Pattern

There is only one problem….and it is a problem…it’s only in one size…mine.


That’s so dumb…I know we aren’t all the same size…so the pattern isn’t helpful for everyone…

I wish I was a mad pattern grader but I’m not.  So I am sorry…I wish I had it in all sizes….maybe one day…but until then I can only give you what you’ve got.

Free Tank Top Pattern Detail

And what I’ve got is not a lot…especially when it comes to my chest measurements….Which reminds me…(and I can’t believe I’m posting this) I usually wear a size small shirt…but I also know sizes differ so my bust measurement is 34″ and my waist is 27.5″.  Hopefully you can use those measurements against yours to see if this pattern would work for you.

Alright, is there anything else I need to tell you?

Yes, I made this shirt from some thrifted, two-way stretch, polyester rayon but you could also make it out of knits or chiffon or cottons….

Also, I just serged around the neckline, hem, and arm holes.  However, you could easily turn those areas under and top stitch to have a more professional looking top.  (Or you could finish them off with bias tape….or make mock facings…)

Ok, that is everything…and again I’m sorry I don’t have a free pattern in all sizes…but maybe one day, one day….


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  1. says

    So… I think this could work for me! I don’t have a printer at the moment, but as soon as I’m near one I’ll print it! No serger here either, but I’m thinking I’d use ribbed knit for the neckline and arms… Thank you, thank you!!

  2. Sophie says

    Thank you! I really like the shape of your tank top… and we share the same measurements, so it’s perfect for me!

  3. says

    Beautiful job! I might just try it myself – even if it doesn’t fit as is – maybe I can get some practice grading it up a size or two?

  4. Chelle Chapman says

    Wellllll, fit or NOT, I WILL make this fit cuz you 2 ROCK my sewing skillz!!!! I am a bit larger in BOTH measurements BUT…………I also have tanks that do fit me I can copy!! I have a rather large supply of FREE dresses my BFF gave to me that are some kind of flimsy fabric that I WILL make work here!! See?……..It’s ALL cuz of you 2 that I even think like this these days!!! Thank You, Thank You!!!!

  5. Rebekah Drake says

    I printed the pattern and am having a little trouble putting it together. Some of the pieces don’t fit evenly together, so could you post a picture of the pattern put all together? It would help me a lot even though I can usually figure it out or tweak it, but if you could post a picture of the pattern put together that would be great. Thanks.

  6. Tammy says

    My measurements are the same as yours but would you mind going into detail on how to print this off? Do I need to scale or use any margins? Thank you!


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