Skirting the Issue 2014


What is Skirting the Issue?

A month long event where you are invited to sew along with us and make skirts to donate to local Foster Care centers.(To read more about how this project began go HERE.)

Who Can Participate?

Anyone who would like to sew along. The more the merrier!

How Do I Participate?

Choose an item that you would like to sew (we will be sharing skirt tutorials for the whole month of July) then sew it up and donate it to the charity of your choice.

How Do I Find A Charity?

We will provide a list of charities that are in need of the items that we are making each week. You can choose from the list or if you know of an organization that you would like to donate your items to that we haven’t listed (especially if it is in your own community) please donate to where you know there is a need! To read through the list in the comments just click here: Skirting the Issue, Places to Donate

What If I Would Rather Just Mail You My Items?

That is great too. At the end of Skirting the Issue we will be taking all our items plus those mailed to us to our local Foster Care Agencies. And we promise that anything you mail to us will be delivered to those who need and will appreciate them. (Last year quite a few of you mailed us your skirts and that was wonderful to be able to take those boxes of skirts into the foster care office!)

What Is The Address If I Choose To Mail In My Item/Items?

We have set up a post office box for this event. And the address is:

PO BOX 753, Lehi, Utah 84045

How Do I Show That I Have Made An Item To Donate?

Just upload a picture to the linky party HERE However, if the Linky Party group sounds too complicated (and it really isn’t, I promise) then just email us…we like that too 🙂

When Do I Have To Have My Items Finished By?

The Skirting the Issue Flickr group will “officially close” at 11:59 P.M. (MST) on August 15th.

Can I Make More Than One Item?

Of course! We would welcome 1 or 100 items!

Do I Have To Make The Items From The Tutorials?

Heavens no! We are just providing tutorials for ideas. Please use what ever patterns you’d like and sew what ever items that you know are in need.

Is There Anything In This For Me?

We wish we could send you all a personal thank you gift…but there are only two of us. However, we did round up some fantastic gifts from some generous sponsors to give away to a few of you wonderful people who sew along with us. At the end of Skirting the Issue we will randomly select “winners” for the sew along prizes…which are really great…fabric, gift cards, and A BRAND NEW BABYLOCK SEWING MACHINE!!!

Is there a place I can go to find a sizing chart or measurements to make skirts?

Yes! We made a sizing and measurements chart for girls and teens the first year and you can find it here: Sizing & Measurements Chart

When can I start posting items in the Linky Party group?

Now! Whenever! Get posting. (And remember you have until 11:59 P.M. (MST) on August 15th before the group officially “closes”.

Do I have to upload a separate photo for every item I make?
NO! If you want to take a photo of a group of items that is great, but please include the number of skirts in the title. OR if you want to take a separate photo of each item we welcome that as well!  The linky party again is HERE.

What if I only make one item?
Then that is awesome and there will be someone out there in the world who feels a little happier because of you.

Hopefully this answers any questions you may have about Skirting the Issue.

Last year we set a goal of having 100 items finished and donated by the deadline and we far more than exceeded that number. This year we are again hoping for 100 items. Please help us reach our goal.

-liZ and Elizabeth

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    • Elizabeth says


      You can send them wherever you wish! We just want to add a bit of joy to some girls this fall 😉

  1. Kitty Jensen says

    I am so happy I found your site and your most wonderful project. I will be going thru my stash tonight to find some special fabric for special girls. Can I make dresses or pants too?

  2. Becca Martin says

    I noticed that you only go up to a 17 for teens. Having been a plus size child and adult, can we make larger sizes than what’s posted?

  3. Ruth Bernstein says

    return some degree of dignity to their lives. Give it some thought that you may be able to put your sewing skills to another valued needed assist.
    Thank you, Ruth

  4. Ruth Bernstein says

    The first half of my message disssappeared. I stated that I’ve been sewing as a volunteer for 8 years at a homeless mens’ shelter I go once a week and mend their clothing, backpacks and anything else that I can get under my presserfoot of my 30 year old sewong machine. I’m suggesting that those of you who read this may consider offering the benefit of your skills to some of the men and women and children across the country who are in need of having their clothes mended.
    I will be glad to share some of the tips and proceedures that I have developed if this site can pass on the requests to me. Thank you, Ruth

    • Elizabeth says


      Thanks so much for your comment. There are so so many organizations that can use our help……you are a gem for sewing for so many men and women 😉


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