Make a half-apron in 3 easy steps.

SO….awhile ago Elizabeth and I made a few videos…..

And today we are sharing one of my favorites.  It is a minute long video on how to make a really cute half apron in 3 easy steps.  (Ok….I lied it’s really 72 seconds long…but that is close to only a minute long…we tried to be brief!)

Apron in 3 easy steps

I love these aprons!  They are made from dishtowels and are perfect to wear and to wash.

So if you have a minute click on over and check it out…and you can see Elizabeth and I doing the nerdiest thing ever at the end (that we were promised wouldn’t be in the video!).

Here’s the link:  EASY APRON TUTORIAL

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  1. says

    I think the donuts are my favorite part! LOL
    I love how you seem to be laughing at them.
    Plus, DONUTS.
    Since I am allergic to gluten, those are the one thing I actually miss:(
    I can live vicariously through your funny donuts!


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