Skirting the Issue 2015 Link-up and Donation Resource List

We really are so excited to be doing Skirting the Issue again this year.  It does mean so much to us.  We can still remember the cards and skirts that we receive and how the girl’s faces have lit up when they see your beautiful sewing.  They are some of those feelings that I will remember for my whole lifetime!

A few things…

I have created a document to keep track of local places to donate.  If you know of one in your state (a Foster Care Closet or another organization that helps Foster children in need) PLEASE add it to the list.  You can find the donation list HERE.  (And if it would be easier for you to mail us your skirt or skirts you can do that to…our mailing address is the first one under the state of Utah…it’s the one titled “Skirting the Issue” 🙂  )

Skirting the Issue

And then below is the link-up party to photograph and enter your skirt in for numbers (and prizes!).  We know that it does take a few minutes to photograph and link up a skirt—but it so helps us keep our numbers straight and we do so appreciate it!  (You don’t have to have a blog…you can link from flickr or even Instagram which is easy to use….)

Last year we were so so close to having 1,000 skirts made and donated…we would sure love to break 1,000 this year!

Skirting the Issue 2015 Link-up


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  1. says

    Ran across this today while on Pinterest, I’m very excited to get started and help make skits for the homeless girls in our area. I have added my local agency who is in need of skirts to your list.

  2. says

    Hi! I am excited to participate this year–I’m a little unclear on how to donate though! Do I mail the skirts to you, or do I need to find a local donation site? Thank you!

    • Elizabeth says

      Beth, you can send the skirts to us or many people have found local resources….like a foster care closet or other organization. Thank you so much for sewing along this year!

  3. says

    Oh, one more thing–are the skirts only for school-age girls? Is there an age/size range of acceptable donations? Thanks again!

    • Elizabeth says

      We have found the greatest need in our area is tweens and teens…so we make a lot of cute knit pencil skirts for them…..but we love to see skirts in all age ranges!

  4. Melody says

    I cannot figure out how to add to the list – I’m on a mobile device. But for Georgia, the foster care closet is in Fayetteville. Here’s their website
    It’s called The Bloom Closet

    Items can be dropped off at the Bloom office at:
    150 Marquis Drive
    Fayetteville, GA 30214

    Monday-Friday from 9:00 am– 4:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am – 2:00pm.

    For additional information, call 770-461-7020.

  5. says

    I loved doing this last year but somehow didn’t get the email announcements about it this time. I am probably overlooking it but I don’t see the post with the deadline. Can anyone point me to that post?

  6. Karen says

    Do you know of any orgainzations near Allentown, PA that are particiapting or are in need of skirts

  7. says

    Hi there! I hadn’t seen this before and I’m really not a sewer but I have shared this on some of my social media platforms to spread the word. I think this is a fantastic cause and I hope you do break the 1,000 skirt record! Best of luck.

  8. says

    Will the link up be opening again to add skirts through August 15th? Ishared about it again on my facebook page today and just wanted to make sure. Thanks! 🙂

  9. says

    I have two more skirts to add to the link-up… but it looks like I missed the deadline? I thought it was going to be open until the 15th. But I guess you can just add two to the official count! =)

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