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HI. I am the “liZ” of the Elizabeths here at Simple Simon and Co.

*I’m married to a cereal-eating, mountain biking, school teacher who is always building something.

*I’m the mother of three wildly wonderful children: Simon, Grace, and baby Ruth—all of whom I adore.

*On any given day you can find me wearing pajamas in public, down at the gas station getting a soda, eating nachos, walking around barefoot, or a combination of any of the above.

*My dream life would involve living on Main Street USA in Disneyland where we would leave only to spend time on the beach and to shop for fabric.

*I love Dr.Pepper, drawing, staying up late reading, watching old TV shows on Netflix, painting, the smell of pumpkins, thrift store shopping, home grown tomatoes, virgin mint juleps, pearl necklaces, white T-shirts, and of course sewing.

*I spent the majority of my life fighting against doing anything domestic so it’s a wonder how I ended up becoming a stay at home mom with a passion for sewing (and who happens to be loving every minute of it)!


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Hi. I am the other Elizabeth and am a stay at home momma to three kids, Aaron, Hannah, and Isaac. My days involve laundry, running around in the car, keeping up with homework and chores, and entertaining general chaos around here. But I wouldn’t have it any other way….

I started sewing as a teenager and loved it, but suddenly decided it wasn’t cool anymore and quit…..a huge regret in my life. I started sewing again about 8 years ago after Hannie was born, and have never looked back. Sewing has been my something everyday that can’t be undone…and has taught me that it is never too late to learn a new skill.

I love sewing vintage patterns, especially children’s. Am always trying to sew through the stash, and for every 5 projects that I am working on, there are always a couple of craft fails involved, some of which are real doozies!

A perfect day of mine involves a pool, an ice-cold limeade and a fabulous book….with an afternoon nap and some sewing time too, all whilst my children behave perfectly and never have a quarrel. HA! If only.

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