Start of Our Boys week–Peggies

Peg dolls are not just for girls anymore…..

I have to brag about Liz for a minute.  She came up with this idea and gave these to Aaron for Christmas last year.  She knows that Aaron loves Harry Potter and Star Wars and let me tell you they are a favorite toy around here.

So, if you need an airplane or car toy for vacation this summer, I highly suggest some painted peggies in your boy’s favorite characters.  They are definitely going on vacation with us (we have a long car ride ahead of us soon.)

I think Harry is my favorite!

Happy Boys’ Week!  Any fun boy’s projects that you are working on?

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    How cute!!!

    I am currently starting to work on boy stuff with this little baby coming any day now…it’s amazing moving from pattern fabric – to so much stripes, basic colors, and other more clean looks.

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    Seriously, I NEED to buy these! I’m writing a check right now . . . tell me who to write it to and where to send it (and how much to write it for, of course)!

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    Yeah! Boy’s week and totally awesome peg dolls. I love these and have been meaning to make some for my boys with knights. I love how sturdy they are and how they can be individualized for the child’s interests.


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