Question and Answer Time–The Starboard Skirt

Hi everyone, hope you are having a great weekend… I am here answering some questions that you all have about The Starboard Skirt.  Hopefully your question is answered but if not email me and I will do my best.

Question #1
Are there any modifications for an adult skirt?

My best answer is maybe, depending on your body shape.  And here’s how to know…..

Because the skirt is made from a rectangle piece of fabric with a pleat….on little girls whose waist and hips are basically the same size (give or take a couple of inches or so) the skirt will look more A-line.  But, on me, because my waist and hips are not the same, this same rectangle shape with a pleat will look like a straight skirt on me because essentially it is.  So, it all depends on what kind of a skirt you want.

If you have a boyish figure (and oh how I wish I did– don’t we always want what we don’t have?), I wouldn’t make any modifications.  It will have a slight A-line shape to it.

But, if you are like me and have hips, you can do three things.  The first is to use a lower measurement to start the skirt.  Instead of using your waist measurement, measure your hips as a starting number.  The second thing you can do is create a bigger pleat.  For example, instead of an 8 inch pleat, do a 12 inch pleat (which is what I did on my skirt).  It will give you an extra four inches at the bottom of the skirt to give more of an A-line appearance.

When I made my quatrefoil skirt, I did #1 and #2.  It made for more of an A-line shape….and worked very well for me.

The third thing you can do, is to cut a true A-line shape for the skirt in the first place.    I would do the pleat part first, tack the pleat in, and THEN cut the skirt front and back to an A-line shape.  Here is what an A-line skirt looks like to cut out.  You could use a skirt that you have that is this shape, or just eyeball it, but it should resemble something like this.

Question #2
How do you get your pleat to stay so nicely at the bottom?

My best answer is to press, press and press!  And get a good iron.  I learned early on in my sewing career that a well pressed seam is the way to go (can you tell that I didn’t always do this?).  But it really works.  I press the pleats down REALLY well with a super hot iron that I have on full steam.  You could also starch the pleats….and that would help them stay nicer for a longer time too.

Question #3
Where can I get the fabric online?

I answered that HERE but also Vanessa found us an international source for those of you who are outside the US. YAY Vanessa!!!  HERE is the link for international orders.

Question #4
Will this skirt work with a lighter weight fabric?

The answer is yes it will work.  It won’t have quite as much structure, but it will work.  And would be fun for summer because it will be flowy and cool!

I think that is all for now, but if you have more email me and I will do my best!

Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Question and Answer Time–The Starboard Skirt

  1. Funny, I actually thought it was a grown up skirt in one of the pictures. I’m built like a column though so it would likely be fine on me and your right I want what I don’t have too.

  2. Fantastic! You’ve answered my questions on this skirt perfectly! I was thinking that your tutorial is for a little girl, and they go straight up and down, unlike women, who go in and out! So this is wonderful! I bought some fabric to make another skirt, so I will be using your instructions for the adult version. I plan to put a link to your Starboard Skirt on my blog, when I do a post about the new skirt. Do you think you might be able to do a tutorial for an adult version of this skirt? I just thought I’d check, so that when I put the link on, I can do a link for the child version, and a different one for the adult version. A few people have left comments on my blog saying that my newby sewing attempts have inspired them to get their sewing machines out, and I feel that if any pattern will truly inspire them to go ahead and start sewing clothes again, it will be your pattern for the Starboard Skirt. Who could resist the allure of running up a skirt in a few hours, and one that looks so fabulous! I was wondering about using a lighter cotton fabric too, I was wondering if you could double it up to create a thicker fabric which would then be stiffer and create the shape of your skirt? Dressmaking fabric is easier to get hold of. Another question! Sorry about that! Vanessa xxx

  3. Hello! I made an adult version of this skirt for myself yesterday… I didn’t end up alterning the formula or how I cut the material. I think it turned out pretty cute! I posted pics (and a link to your tutorial)on my blog–

    :) Thanks for the tutorial for this awesome skirt!! Can’t wait to make some for my daughters!

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