Make Your Own Knit Cardigan Vest for Only $1

A few weeks ago I shared this tutorial over at Somewhat Simple but have never posted it on our blog. So here it is—my $1 Cardigan Vest Tutorial.

Over the past few months I’ve noticed women around town wearing long, knit, cardigan style vests…and I wanted one…but I was really pregnant…and anything with a belt wasn’t in the cards…until now!

Finally I was able to make myself a copy of what I’ve been envying.
Here’s what it looks like:

And here is how to make it:
#1. Buy a Men’s T-shirt 1-2 sizes larger that you would wear in a woman’s size. (Example: If you normally wear a woman’s medium then buy a men’s large or extra large.)
#2. Lay the T-shirt out flat and cut a straight line up the front—from the bottom to the top—right down the middle—so now it opens like a jacket. (Don’t cut the back side! Just straight down the middle of the front side.)

#3. Next cut off the ribbing around the neck and the finished edge from around the bottom.

#4. Now cut off the sleeves. (When you cut them off make sure you cut so that you cut the seams off. Don’t leave them on or it will look weird.)

#5. Then I cut off an extra two inches at the shoulder and tapered it down into where I had already cut off the sleeve. I did this so so it would fit on my shoulders nicely without hanging out over the edge and giving me wings.

#6. You’re done! Try on your vest. Pair it with a great belt, a fitted shirt, and a necklace.

So that’s it. Easy huh? There’s not even any sewing involved! Oh, and about the $1 part. I bought my T-shirts at the dollar store (they have lots of plain colored T-shirts there) which makes the price just right.

Fast. Easy. Inexpensive. Wearable. It’s my kind of project.
Now, if I was only as thin as my mannequin….I forgot how long it takes to lose the baby weight…
***PS-Next week I’ll post some photos of this same project done for little girls–it’s just as easy and just as cheap and I think maybe even a little bit cuter.
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    love love LOVE!!! I will be doing this TOMORROW!!! I may have to sneak a few of my hubby’s not worn in so long he wont even recognize them tees!! lol Thanks for the inspiration!! I found you on Fireflies and Jellybeans where I joined the Link Party. I am your newest follower!

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    I LOVE this, super cute!! I was just looking at that teeny waist on the form, I wish mine was that small too. Can’t wait to try this out!!

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