Buffalo Gals Look Book: The One That Got Away and a How To

 So here is the deal with today’s “look”:
It is one that I chose NOT to include in the “official” Buffalo Girls Look Book.
But…she still wears it…because it’s comfy, and has stripes, and she loves a good scarf…
Even though it’s not really part of the Look Book I am sharing it today because of the pants.  (All of the legging style of pants I made for the Look Book are made the exact way I made these ones.)
On Friday I shared two great places to find easy to follow leggings tutorials but I forgot to mention the one change that I made to them….and it’s the reason I’ll probably make most of Gracie’s leggings from here on out…it’s a little change but one that makes a big difference to me and Grace.
And you can see that change right here at the ankle:
Remember when we were in elementary school and it was soooo cool to peg our pants and scrunch our socks?  (Maybe not…you probably aren’t as old as I am, but trust me all the cool kids were doing it.)  Anyways, I thought that scrunchy look would be cute on Grace…but she WON’T wear socks (unless they are kooky knee highs) so I made the bottom of her leggings scrunchy.
Which I like.
And she likes.
For 2 different reasons.
Obviously I like how they look but I also like them because Grace has long legs which always makes her pants short.  But with these extra long leggings she won’t get too tall for them anytime soon…and that makes me happy.
So if you want to do this to your little girls leggings all you have to do is this:
Add about 5 and 1/2 inches to the bottom of your leggings.
That’s it!
You can follow all of the instructions in either tutorial I mentioned in this post but when you are tracing and cutting out your pattern just add those extra inches to the bottom.
You’ll love it.  I promise.
 I love them enough to make all her leggings like this in the future.
(Really, that much.)
And speaking of love here’s a little stretch lace infinity scarf that I made for Grace.
Even though this outfit didn’t make the cut…this scarf can still be worn with all the other items that I made for her.
Ok, so that’s it for today.
Have a happy Monday everyone.
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8 thoughts on “Buffalo Gals Look Book: The One That Got Away and a How To

  1. i used that same exact stretch lace in my pr&p outfit, it was blue instead. oh how i loved that fabric:) i love the whole look and so wouldnt my girls. that is so their style:) and ya, i so scrunched my socks with tight rolled pants. i even had the biggest poof you ever saw. i was so cool.

  2. Very sweet! Such a good idea to lengthen the leggings. My daughter is a total beanpole and is outgrowing all of her pants in length, but the next size up are way to big in the waist. So far, I’ve been extending the life of her pants by adding ruffles/decorative trims/etc to the bottom; your scrunchy idea is very cute! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Day!

  3. Love the scrunched look on the leggings–clever mom! Are we talking the “peg” as in flip the pant leg over and then roll it up a few times to hold? I had forgotten about the scrunch socks but thinking they were at different times? Either way I did both and was cool too! Sooo sad :)

  4. The extra long leggings are super clever! One thing I like about leggings is that when they get too short you’re like “capri leggings tadaa” but in reality neither Nicole or I really love the capri length look. This is fab! Kids grow like weeds, I tell ya.

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